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Well, it's not every day you find a computer company started by a fourteen year old! Here it is Edge Tech Corporation, founded in 1986.

Edge Tech Corporation:

Edge Tech Corporation"EDGE Tech Corp, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company founded in 1986, is a leading supplier of DRAM and Flash memory upgrades, portable computing products, storage devices, and other experience-enhancing technology solutions.

At the age of 14, EDGE's president and CEO Jeff Thompson began the company with $2500 he had saved from a newspaper route. Today EDGE is one of the largest and most respected companies in its industry.

EDGE is a channel-focused manufacturer, building long-term partnerships with distributors and resellers who demand the highest level of service and support from their vendor-partners.

EDGE's DRAM-based memory product line offers upgrade solutions for desktops, notebooks, servers, printers, hubs and routers. EDGE's trademarked blue quality stripe is applied to the top of EDGE RAM modules only after products pass extensive quality control procedures. This unique "edging" process signifies the company's solid commitment to producing high-quality, compatible products.

EDGE's flash card lineup allows users of digital cameras and MP3 players to upgrade the devices' memory for maximum performance. The card line consists of various formats including CompactFlash, SD Memory Card (formerly Secure Digital Card), SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, and xD Picture Cards. A line of card readers provides convenient interface between the cards and a computer. EDGE digital media products allow users of digital cameras and MP3 players to upgrade the devices' memory for maximum performance.

The company's popular DiskGO! by EDGE brand includes USB flash drives, portable hard drives, USB watch drives, and digital music players".

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Edge Tech Corporation

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