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Well there's a whole mass of electronic bits and bobs at the Conrad website. We can't describe what they sell, as it would take too long, so you'd better take a look for yourself.


"Conrad is the leading multichannel supplier in the electronics, operating in over ten countries throughout Europe.

Conrad products and services can be purchased through our over 1,000 page catalogue, from 26 branches in Europe and the Internet. Our customers are able to shop from Conrad in any way or form they wish to.

Our inventory now contains over 40,000 items - covering just about everything that involves electronics. With 2.5 million visits per month, the Conrad homepages is the preferred technical and electronics Internet address in Germany.

Since 1997 Conrad has constantly been in the top ten list of all e-commerce suppliers. The 'Online Star' is Europe's most prominent Internet user award and is an award for the most loved web site of the year.

The award in the category 'Computers and Technology' was given to Conrad Electronic for the third time in 2003".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:



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