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Specialists who are experts in batteries, places where you can get the special battery that fits something which requires an unusual battery. They'll tell you about voltages and ampere-hours and the recommended charging methods for rechargeable power sources and they probably have in stock the exact item you are looking for. A few places worth having a look at include:

Laptops for Less


Budget Batteries

Battery Force Ltd - gone?

MDS Battery - gone?
and MDS Battery USA - gone?

Battery Mountain - gone?


Batteries for Watches, Cordless Phones, Hearing Aids, Cameras and Car Key Fobs. We also supply Watch Straps, Expanding Bands and Bracelets.
- the address http://www.watch-batteries.com/ was coming up as "403 Forbidden" on 2007/07/27

For general information, see the page about Batteries as well as help pages at the various battery suppliers mentioned on this page. Some of them are very helpful!