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Sony Style - CanadaSony Style - Canada

A chance meeting in Japan between Akio Morita and Albert Cohen, the result Sony Style Canada. All the usual goodies are available, however this is for the Canadian market only.Sony Style - Canada

Sony Style - Canada:

"The Sony of Canada story, like so many great stories, begins with a stroke of luck. It is October 1955. Albert Cohen, a 41-year-old entrepreneur from Winnipeg, is in his room at Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel. It is his second trip to Japan at a time when few Westerners come here. He is shopping for products to expand his distributing business: watches, lighters, any kind of reasonably priced gadget that will appeal to Canadian consumers.

In the early years of the new millennium, Sony of Canada is building on the past while tackling a new set of challenges. Its mission: To lead the Canadian market by creating and satisfying demand for superior-quality, innovative audio-visual and information technology products. In tangible terms, the goal is to reach one million yen by its 50th anniversary in Canada. This target, however, is only one expression of a much broader vision.Sony Style - Canada

No company, not even one whose name is synonymous worldwide with excellence, can afford to rest on its laurels. As Sony of Canada moves forward in a highly competitive marketplace, continued success will come only by nurturing its most fundamental resource: people. It is Sony of Canada employees - empowered, motivated, focused on exceeding customers’ expectations - who are shaping a strategy for continued success. It is employees who are seeking opportunities to add value, to knock down old barriers, to foster a progressive, team-based culture in which bold steps are applauded and positive results are rewarded.

Sony Style - CanadaAt the same time, Sony of Canada shares the global outlook of the Digital Dream Kids, Sony’s vision of a world of convergence in which everyone has the tools to pursue his or her dreams. Sony’s traditional product innovation continues: in extensions of DVD technology; in the new broadcast standard set by Digital Betacam SX and XDCAM; in interactive photography kiosks; in information products such as the VAIO notebook computer and CLIE handheld device; in high-definition television (HDTV); in wireless communications - in every area where Sony’s traditional pursuit of technological possibilities intersects with its collective talent for identifying what people want next.

Almost 50 years have passed since Akio Morita sent a few radios to his friend, Albert Cohen, in Winnipeg. Yet the dream that inspired those two entrepreneurs has not faded. Indeed, it grows more expansive with each new year, and will keep on growing in the decades to come".

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