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Dell Computers

Dell. Computer company. Forward-looking to the new age of Linux, or stuck in the bad old ways of Microthingummygig OS? Upon further research there appear to be mixed messages about this. I've always been keen to give a virtual pat-on-the-back to Dell for being one of the first major computer suppliers to promote Linux, but later they seemed to abandon Linux for a more quaint approach.

There was recently a very sad case where I had recommended a friend to buy a computer, and they bought it from Dell and they ended up with Windows XP. Not good.

However, on page 56-57 of Linux Format Magazine Issue 44 there is an advertisement for a Dell server running Linux, "When you select LINUX as your operating system, Dell will factory-install and configure Red Hat Linux 9.0 on your machine, with the promise that all parts of the machine will be set up to work perfectly".

Here's some of the words of Dell themselves:

"Dell is the world's leading computer systems company. Dell designs, builds and customises products and services to satisfy a range of customer requirements. From the server, storage and professional services needs of the largest global corporations, to those of consumers at home - Dell do business directly with customers, one at a time. Dell has a persistent focus on the customer and works hard to meet the needs of each customer with carefully tailored solutions based on industry-standard technology. Dell Precision(tm) workstations, OptiPlex(tm) desktops and Latitude(tm) notebooks offer outstanding reliability and low cost of ownership in networked business, government and institutional environments. Individuals and small businesses use our award-winning Dimension(tm) desktops and Inspiron(tm) notebooks".

I, as a techie scientific person, need to have a high-powered customised computer, and I want the proper high-end Linux with everything working ok, and I do not want Windows XP! So, when Dell talk about "Dell designs, builds and customises products and services to satisfy a range of customer requirements" I'm pleased to hear it, but then when looking on the Dell website, it says (I'm not kidding) "Dell recommends Microsoft XP". Check the date - it's not April 1st is it?

So, are Dell Computers going forwards and having the proper Linux operating systems, or are they not? You decide for yourself, as we have a link to Dell here...

Link here to visit DELL! (gone now it's DGM PRO)

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More information about DELL can be seen at this page: DELL

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