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This is a page about Everest, a company famous for double glazing, but I am a customer and I'm going to have my comment first!: Years ago, when the idea of "double glazing" first appeared, my folks decided to invest in having the house double-glazed. At the time, Ted Moult would appear on TV commercials for Everest and say things like "You only fit double glazing once, so fit the best... Everest!". The logic appealed to my folks' sense of quality and capital investment, and after some quick research to compare the relative qualities of a few other contemporary brands, the decision was made and work began on fitting the entire house with Everest double glazing, (or "secondary windows" as they later got termed).

Now that was donkeys' years ago! Empires have fallen and new countries come into being, mobile phones have been invented, the world's climate has changed, and the Moon has got measurably further away. However, the Everest double glazing that my folks had fitted to this house which I have inherited, is still intact, and still as good as new, amazing as it may seem. So, as well as having saved a good amount on heating bills on a few dozen winters, Everest double glazing will probably improve the sale value of this house by more than it cost to fit it in the first place.

Anyway, now I'll let Everest have a say, and then you can decide what to do. You can't go far wrong putting in an online request for a free brochure


"Quite simply Everest builds the most advanced and reliable products on the market and are prepared to back that with their Price Promise.


Warm, quiet, secure and work-free. Transform your house with Everest windows, tailor made to your home in timber, uPVC or aluminium. 50% more secure than BSI standards, option of 'A Rated' energy efficiency, reduce noise dramatically, 10 year and lifetime guarantees.


Openly welcoming or solidly secure, doors make a real difference to the look and feel of your property. Everest doors are handsome and hard–working, keeping your home warm and secure in all seasons. With Everest, you choose from a growing range of entrance doors in pvc-u, aluminium, timber and other materials.


A conservatory is the most dramatic and impressive improvement you can make to your home. An Everest conservatory is the most solid you can own. Weather you specify construction in timber or uPVC, your technically superior Everest conservatory will be designed and built to meticulously high standards to suite your unique needs.

Flat Roofs:

Now Everest brings their expertise to another part of your home where repairs and upkeep were once inevitable, the traditional flat roof.

On garages, porches or extensions, The Everest Flat Roof keeps the elements out and your possessions safe and dry, especially as Everest add their Roofline rainwater products onto every new flat roof.


EverestWhen your old cladding or guttering looks anything but new, replace it for good with Everest Roofline products. You avoid forever repairing, repainting or replacing those hard to reach parts around your roof. Everest PVC-U Roofline Products are:

Guttering and Drainpipes to divert rain water, Fascias to cover the ends or rafters, Soffits to tidy the undersurface of the roof’s overhand, Bargeboards to conceal the ends of roof timbers, and Cladding to replace wooden or other surfaces.

Garage Doors:

Revolutionary design and outstanding quality that enables you to live a simpler and safer life! Everest garage doors are available in your choice of 9 different styles and 12 colours and 2 woodgrain and copper effects – with or without remote control operation.


A place of calm when you appear to make the first cup of tea or coffee or a scene of controlled chaos as you try out a new recipe or struggle to time the preparation of an expansive Sunday roast to perfection. Everest understands that. And that’s why they fit the highest quality kitchens, with superior products and exceptional attention to detail designed to enhance the way you live your life.

Driveways and Patios:Everest

For distinctive driveways and perfect patios, it pays to choose superior Everest block paving. A beautiful driveway or patio will make a lasting impression. Whether it forms a sweeping expanse or a cosy suntrap, the quality of well-constructed block paving is clear to see. Everest block paving have many sizes, shapes and styles to suite your home. Styles include contemporary, rustic, cobbled and more. There’s also a wide range of colours, many of which are exclusive to Everest.

A new driveway or patio will enhance and add value to your home from the moment it is installed. But with Everest block paving, you can relax in the supreme confidence that it will continue to do so for many years to come.

Home Security:

The Everest intruder alarm system brings your complete peace of mind when you are at home or away. It protects the people you care for and all of you possessions, yet stays in harmony with the way you live. You never compromise on reliability, appearance or your security. Everest provide 2 styles of Security, Intruder Alarms and CCTV Systems".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

www.everest.co.uk affiliate program was with OMG UK and then moved to CJ

When advertised on TV it's www.everest.tv which is a Dot TV Domain

The link has been removed and this page bunged up because Everest don't like being written about. They have a hard-line extremist idea that no-one is allowed to write about Everest. Well, Everest, what Century do you suppose this is?

Also, the failure of their marketing people to get in touch, despite leaving phone messages, is another failure of the company.

It's very sad that Ted Moult shot himself. A tragic suicide. But you can see why, if Everest treated him as badly as they are treating affiliates.