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Like credit cards for buying stuff online except you can't go into debt!

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Global Currency Exchange Network

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Prime Prepaid MastercardSomething which had similarities to a pre-paid card some time ago was the Connect Card by Barclays

After the Credit Crunch (or Credit Crisis, whichever you like to call it), normal credit cards where you could end up going seriously into debt with arbitrary credit limit became less fashionable, in favour of PRE-PAID CARDS, which had the advantage that you could buy stuff online but without the disadvantage360 Money of being associated with living on borrowed money. Pre-paid cards brought money back into the realms of reality with a factual zero point like the bottom of a pocket or purse, with a balance above "zero" or "empty". Thus, pre-paid cards had the advantage of the realism of CASH, but the flexibility and virtuality of being able to buy stuff online. (Cash always had the drawback that you couldn't stuff it down a phone line, even with an advanced data modem. Putting banknotes through a fax machine isn't an acceptable form of payment).

Another thing about pre-paid cards is that there's none of the problem where banks look down their noses at you for being a bad credit risk or for having owed a lot of money in the past. With a pre-paid card they are not lending you money, so it's none of their business whether you are a good or bad credit risk. This keeps things a lot simpler.