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My Travel Cash

You can load the My Travel Cash with either Euros or Dollars before you go on your travels. It will save you a fortune in exchange rates, once you arrive at your holiday destination.

My Travel Cash:

"The my Travel Cash card is delivered by CorporatePay, one of the market leading prepaid card providers. With a belief in value and service we think everyone should get the best deal on their foreign exchange transactions.

My Travel Cash provides great value travel money on a prepaid MasterCard, available in either Euros or US Dollars.

We have seen fantastic growth in our business as customers recognise the great benefits including the fantastic savings they can make – something which is particularly important in the current economic climate.

My Travel Cash is a prepaid MasterCard, available in either Euros or US Dollars, that offers one of the best exchange rates available. You simply order a card, top it up (also called loading) and you are ready to go".

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My Travel Cash

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