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Prime Prepaid Mastercard

Don't get into debt, instead take out a Prime Prepaid Mastercard. That way you can control exactly what you spend and there is no interest to pay!

Prime Prepaid Mastercard:

IDT Prime Mastercard only costs £3 to purchase with no monthly fee. The card is fully disposable (meaning it can be great for a gift) and there are no credit checks or long forms to fill in. Unlike some of the competition there is no passport number required:

- Buy today, activate today, use today

- Shop safely online and in stores

- Makes a great gift

- A card that can't go into debtPrime Prepaid Mastercard

- Control your spending

- Safer than holiday cash

- Share money at home or abroad

- Alternative to pocket money

- Option to reload and use at ATMs *

- Get a second card on the same account *

* Subject to their application for upgraded services being approved".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.idtprime.com/ affiliate program was with Altogether Ads and we're trying to find out where it's moved to now! (bunged up)