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Altogether Ads is an affiliate marketing company, which you can most likely join and put links on your website and make money. They certainly made me very welcome!

Merchants who have affiliate programs at Altogether Ads include Scottish Friendly, Ski Republic , Prestat Chocolate , Matazone Corsets , dot mobile phone for students , and Prime Prepaid Mastercard .

Here's the link to the actual company:

Link here to see about joining the Altogether Ads affiliate marketing company! - was http://tracking.altogetherads.com/t/url.php/cid/629/sid/266

Isn't it great, now that there's a www.altogetherads.com Altogether Ads affiliate affiliate recruiter program, especially as it is a revenue share type, which we're especially fond of.

Here's a list of all of the pages for merchants we have promoted via Altogether Ads, or which have been promoted at Altogether Ads as well as at other networks.

Sadly, in late June 2009, we heard that Altogether Ads will change from being an affiliate marketing company to being more of a marketing agency, and the merchants will have their affiliate programs moved elsewhere. So, this page has become a checklist so we can migrate them...

Altogether Ads affiliate recruiter program - was http://tracking.altogetherads.com/t/url.php/cid/629/sid/266

You can still visit Altogether Ads at www.altogetherads.com

Chewbz - which we already had at Affiliate Future

The Children’s Mutual - which we already had at Affiliate Future

dot mobile phone for students - seems to have gone.

Gadgetepoint - which we already had at Affiliate Future

Home and Garden Gifts - moved to Affiliate Window

Matazone Corsets - moved to Affiliate Future

Millet Sports - now with Affiliate Future and Paid on Results. Note: This is not the same company as Millets (with Affiliate Window)

Prestat Chocolate - moved to Affiliate Future

Prime Prepaid MastercardAltogether Ads

Scottish Friendly – moved to Affiliate Future

Ski Republic

Target Jobs

United Shades - now with Share-a-Sale

Vitabiotics - moved to Webgains

Obviously it's a shocking shame that Altogether Ads won't be expanding and becoming a new low-fuss network of growing proportions. We like to encourage new affiliate marketing companies to set up and prosper. The helpful people at Altogether Ads have expressed their support for other low-fuss networks, especially Affiliate Future and Webgains and Paid on Results. Let's follow their good example and support good, low-fuss affiliate networks, and keep the free market economy running. (This also helps to reduce abuse of the affiliate market, by discouraging bad practices such as exclusive affiliate programs and various litigious/overfussy/restrictive nonsense!)

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