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dot mobile

It's easy to get ripped off when you are a student - we know, we've been there! Therefore, it's great to know there is a mobile phone company set up just for you. It's called dot mobile.

See note at end. It's a shame the Dot Mobile company has gone.

dot mobile:

"what is dot?

Dot is a mobile service just for students. It’s pretty straightforward because after talking to students that’s one of the things that they really wanted.

As well as giving students a better deal, our mobile service puts you in control. You decide how you split your bundle between calls and texts as you go along, when you take any half price line rental and where you set your spending alerts.

Plus dot runs on the Vodafone network, so you get great quality and coverage".

If you were tempted by this, here was the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

dot mobile

www.dotmobile.co.uk/home/home.php affiliate program was with Altogether Ads

Sad as it may seem, the Dot Mobile company has gone. Not just bunged up, but it's actually been hijacked by cybersquatters. I don't know what went wrong; maybe they couldn't get enough students to sign up, or the networks charged the company too much, or maybe there was some other reason. Anyway, we're not putting the blame on anyone, and I'm sure the folk at Altogether Ads were taken by surprise when Dot Mobile went.

But what now? It was such a good idea, surely, having a mobile phone company supplying to students? Maybe something like this will crop up again at some time?