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Student Resources

Advanced education and learning, plus the all-important culture of chaos. To be a successful student, you should make sure you pass your exams by learning all the stuff, but at the same time make sure you do some crazy things and live the life.

As Zyra's website has thousand of pages (see index) and is about almost everything, it was relatively easy to find enough references of student resources to make into a page! Here are some...

Endsleigh - the famous insurance company known for being of special interest to students. I even heard they have been known to give away Pot Noodle during freshers' week.

Lloyds TSB Student Account - "Money worries are no fun when you’re trying to study. That’s why we’ve come up with the Lloyds TSB Student account which will give you advice and support with your finances throughout your time at university".

Universities - some of them listed on the Learning page.

Dorm Buys - all things dorm related!

NUS Graduate Extra Card - great student savings and more!

Questia - World's leading digital library!

STA Travel UK - travel company specialising in the backpacking student gap year market!

STA Travel USA - same helpful travel company, with travel experts who've been to places, but this time the starting point is the USA.

Alternative Market is worth looking at in the local geography

Bookshops - of obvious interest!

Book Byte
"The On-line College Bookstore ... All students (Unless they are very lucky!) live on a very tight budget..." etc

Collegiate Mall exists to make the difficult task of furnishing a student's first dorm room or apartment as easy as possible.

Distance learning at ICS

KLM airline - "special deals for students"

dot mobile - "mobile deals for students"

BunnyHug - fashion at 15% discount for students

Ryman - Online office equipment that also caters for the student market

Homes for Students - accommodation

First-hand accounts of things students get up to in halls of residence: the Liquid Nitrogen story, and the experiment to find how many spoons of sugar could be dissolved in a cup of tea