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The Reliable Airline KLM = Royal Dutch Airlines, featured at Zyra's affiliate website

KLM UK: "Carrying more than 17 million passengers each year KLM is the 4th largest airline in Europe ... KLM's competitive fares and latest offers are here to see via their site which you can get to via this page.

The Top 10 Destinations for KLM in January 2004 were:

1. Amsterdam
2. Geneva
KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
3. Cape Town - South Africa
4. Athens
5. Munich
6. Zurich
7. Hong Kong
8. Singapore
9. Bucharest
10. Bangkok

KLM has re-launched its website (2005) as the special offers booking tool has been incorporated into its main booking tool, and this will provide various helpful advantages.

If you're a business professional you may be interested to know about the KLM's BlueBiz program launch. KLM’s BlueBiz is the on line booking incentive program for Small and Medium enterprises.

More info by KLM: "KLM's great strengths lie in their flexibility in choice of departure airport and their competitive prices. Transfers through Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport are efficient and quick. We offer great fares to the US, Africa, Asia as well as all popular European destinations, and don't forget we have our Flying Dutchman loyalty program".

KLM are backing Opodo as well as offering air tickets online via their own affiliate program which includes booking flights on KLM, offers on air tickets, the Flying Dutchman program & newsletter, KLM's Email service, special deals for students, Business information, and the KLM business loyalty program.

To find out more, or to make a booking, here's the link:

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