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KLM Hotels

KLM Hotels by Royal Dutch Airlines

These well-known flying Dutchmen have branched out into the field of hotel booking, and are doing very well at it.

"KLM Hotels gives you access to Europe’s largest online database with 50,000 hotels world wide at the lowest price – guaranteed". This remarkable claim is worth looking into, so find out more by linking at the bottom of this page.

KLM Hotels hotel-nights are available via this website now, ... "the most sold product on the Internet after airline tickets." Well, there's a lot of products sold on the Internet!

"In 2001, KLM, the 4th largest airline of Europe, introduced the successful online sales channel for Hotel-reservations named KLM Hotels to give her customers a more complete travel service. With KLM Hotels you get access to Europe’s largest online database with 50,000 hotels worldwide, with hotels varying from 2 stars to luxurious. KLM Hotels ... access to the largest European online hotel reservation service, at guaranteed the lowest prices!"

"Research has shown that people who book a hotel through the Internet, not only do this via a specific travel site, but more and more via a banner on their favourite web site" And that could be ZYRA, so how about booking from here?!:KLM UK HOTELS


But you can still see KLM Airlines here and other hotels

www.klm.com affiliate program WAS with TradeDoubler

Until we can get a new affiliate program going, and as the old affiliate program is no more, a useful alternative which is recommended is: Lodging.com