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ICS Learn

It's good to learn new things and education is very important. Have a look at the ICS Learn website, test your brain and increase your qualifications.

ICS Learn:

"ICS (International Correspondence Schools) is the world’s largest distance learning organisation. Our aim is to make learning as accessible as possible - allowing busy people to get the skills, training and education they want, in a way that offers them complete flexibility.ICS Learn

We’ve been helping people achieve their goals for well over 100 years - since 1890 in fact, when we pioneered a new way to learn, allowing people to study in their own homes. Today, from our head office in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland, we follow the same principles, but modern technology, including e-mail and the Internet, makes learning even more effective and convenient.

With over 200 courses available, the better way of learning developed by ICS gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, where and when you wish, with the reassurance of total support from ICS staff every step of the way.

ICS is part of the Thomson Learning Worldwide Group, which provides learning solutions to businesses and institutions, as well as individuals. This means we have access to the latest, most effective ways to study - as well as a wealth of experience that we can use to continually improve what we can do for you.

Welcome to ICS

You can do it. We can help you get there.

Whatever you want to learn, ICS has the course for you. With over 200 courses ranging from leisure courses to degree qualifications, we’re the world’s No.1 in home learning. We’ve helped millions of people reach their goals - so whether you want to get on in your career, take your life in a new direction, or make more of a hobby or interest, we can help you get where you want to go.

Learning with ICS is all about flexibility. You can learn at home, or at your workplace - the main thing is, you’re learning in the place that suits you. And as well as studying where you want, you study when you want.

That means no classes to go to, and no term times to stick to. Whatever your circumstances, your course fits in with your life - not the other way round!

Learn where you want, when you wantICS Learn

Start when you like, and work at your own pace

Full support as you progress

Be part of our online student community

Manage your studies online".

"Welcome to the ICS programme: Founded in 1890, ICS is the world’s most experienced distance learning company. We are owned by Metaphora, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cornelsen, which is a leading educational organisation in Europe. With enrolment figures of 25,000 students in 2011, we are the leading private provider of distance learning in the UK. Our aim is to fit studies around the student’s life, so whether they’re preparing for university, want a complete career change or simply want to fulfil a passion, we’ll help, guide and support them to achieve their ambition. We offer over 200 flexible courses to suit a wide range of interests, including the following:

• GCSE’sICS Learn
• A Levels
• Degrees
• Professional
• Vocational
• Creative and Interest

The benefits of learning with us are numerous and include:

• Full support all the way through with mentors, tutors and student advisors
• Access to our Online Student Community through which students can contact their tutor, submit their assessments and queries, plus chat with fellow students.
• We also offer flexible payment plans to fit everyone’s budget and advice on payment options before they enrol.
• Finally, we work with 22 awarding bodies and higher education institutions to guarantee our students recognised qualifications that will matter whatever their objectives are".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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http://www.icslearn.co.uk affiliate program is now with CJ. Welcome Back! Well, it was nice promoting ICS Learn, and our link was http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-779027-11017453 , but sadly we have been kicked off the affiliate program. It's understandable why, in a way, because the banners are seven years out of date.

Here's my offer: If ICS Learn will reinstate us, and give us some replacement banners, I'll replace the banners on this page. Can't say fairer than that!

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