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Endsleigh Insurance

Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited - featured at Zyra's affiliate website

Endsleigh offers a wide range of insurance products from motor and home insurance to bicycle and breakdown cover.

Endsleigh Insurance are a company who take a very good long-term view of their future relationship with their customers. Specialising in insurance for students, Endsleigh hope their customers will remain with them as they become career people. It's a lifelong relationship. This is well impressive! A great contrast to the kind of short-termism which you see in some places!

Anyway, onto the insurance offers which are available. These have been carefully listed in the paragraphs below, so you can see what you are getting before you go there. There's a variety of household, motor, and travel insurance, with special reference to insurance for students. You can have yourself insured when skiing, snowboarding, studying abroad, backpacking, etc. This has been well thought about, so have a think, and then link...Endsleigh


Endsleigh Motor Insurance

Endsleigh searches a panel of leading UK insurers, offering immediate cover.

For General Motor Insurance quotes please visit:



* Women on Wheels

Women on Wheels search a panel of leading UK insurers, offering immediate cover.

For Women on Wheels please visit:



* 17to40 Insurance

17to40 search a panel of leading UK insurers, offering immediate cover.

For Young drivers' insurance: Age 17 to 40 please visit:



Endsleigh Household Insurance

Endsleigh searches a panel of leading insurance schemes offering;

For Endsleigh Home Insurance please visit:




Endsleigh provides specialist cover for those people living in rented accommodation.

For Tenants Insurance please visit:




Endsleigh has long-established expertise in providing specialist cover for landlords. Buildings and / or contents cover are available with a monthly premium option or as an annual one off payment.

For Landlords Insurance please visit:



Rent Guarantee

Endsleigh offers specialist legal expenses and rent guarantee insurance. Endsleigh's policy provides legal defence, legal prosecution and rent arrears cover. Option of either a 6 or 12 month policy available.

For Rent Guarantee please visit:



Endsleigh Travel Insurance

Endsleigh offers a range of specialist travel insurance policies including holiday, winter sports, backpacking, extended trip and extreme sports…because no holiday is the same! Immediate quotes and cover available online.

For Endsleigh Travel Insurance please visit:




Instant online quotations and instant cover for single trips.

For Holiday Insurance / Globetrotter please visit:



Annual Multi Trip

Annual cover for frequent travellers with no limit to the number of trips that can be taken.

For Annual Multi Trip Insurance please visit:



Winter Sports

Essential cover for winter sports including skiing and snowboarding.

For Wintersports Insurance please visit:



Extreme Activity

Specialist cover for travellers taking part in extreme sports and activities

For Extreme Sports and Activity Insurance please please visit:




Specialist cover specifically designed for backpackers.

For Backpacker Insurance please visit:



Bicycle Insurance

Endsleigh offers specialist insurance to cover your bike against theft and accidental damage, whether you own a mountain bike or family shopper.

For Bicycle Insurance please visit:



Student Possessions

Endsleigh is the only provider endorsed by the National Union of Students

For Student Possessions Insurance please visit:



Studying abroad Insurance



International Students studying in the UK Insurance

Medical cover for international students studying in the UK.

International Students studying in the UK please visit:



Mobile Phone Insurance

(The Endsleigh Mobile Phone insurance is now incorporated as an option on the Home Insurance policy).


Summary by the affiliate: Endsleigh Insurance can be reached by any of the links (above) on this page. Choose the category you'd like to investigate further, take your time, and choose your link. The name of the company is spelt "Endsleigh" Endsleighand is pronounced "En'slee", a comfortable English-sounding word, as if it was a place name, possibly a college, rather than as if it had a connotation of the aftermost part of Father Christmas's carriage! Endsleigh is a well-known long-established company and makes a point of being present at Freshers Week in Universities to welcome students, such welcome even sometimes including a complimentary Pot Noodle. But you don't want to hear me go on about all this, do you? So, scroll back up the page and have a look at some insurance. Don't take risks; get Endsleigh to take risks for you for a sensible price.

www.endsleigh.co.uk has an independent affiliate program (the links work on Mozilla but not on Xenu)

* "17to40" and "Women on Wheels" are trading names of Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited