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Ski Republic

If you are fed up hiring any old rubbish gear on your ski trips, don't worry! Ski Republic have decided to change all that, have a read below.

Ski Republic:

"A revolution is underway on the slopes of France. For too long skiers have suffered at the hands of rental companies delivering badly kept equipment, poor service and a lack of choice.

At Ski Republic we believe that people have the right to safe and affordable skiing. We are passionate about skiing and we want others who love to ski to enjoy the snow as much as we do.

Ski Republic offer Ski and Snowboard hire and some of Europe's top ski resorts, Ski Republic offer a simple, swift online ski rental service that enables you to book prior to your vacation.

If you're hiring ski equipment for a group please note that all members of the group must share the same start date for their ski or board hire.

Also, they must all hire for the same period of time, however anyone who wishes to leave early can simply drop their equipment back to the shop. Unfortunately, this won't result in any further discount - sorry!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Ski Republic

http://ski-republic.com/en/ affiliate program was with Altogether Ads

The skiing season is from some time around September to April the next year. In other words there is an off-season between April and September when it's too warm for there to be the right kind of snow to go skiing. Now look, it's late October, and still no links! I think it is about time for Ski Republic to have a new affiliate program! Please let us know where that affiliate program is.