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The Children's Mutual

Open a Child Trust Fund with The Children's Mutual. Then all you have to do is hope the financial institutions don't blow all of your children's money!

The Children's Mutual:

"The Government is giving each newborn child a voucher worth £250 when their parents register for Child Benefit.

This must be used to open an account – called a Child Trust Fund (CTF) account – on the child's behalf.

You, your family and friends can all then add to this account. The Government will make a second contribution when the child is seven and is considering a third in the child's teenage years.

The idea is that the account grows into a lump sum for the child to use when they are 18.

Baby Bond is The Children’s Mutual’s simple and straightforward stakeholder CTF account. Such accounts are the Government's preferred way of growing your child's savings.

In 2006 The Children’s Mutual was named Best CTF Provider by independent financial magazine Moneyfacts Life & Pensions".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


The Children's Mutual

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