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A prepaid MasterCard® card for young people that want to take control of their money.

If you can trust your child with a Prepaid MasterCard, then the MeCard could be the solution for you. However, you'll have to make sure your child keeps their pin number secure.


"MeCard is a new prepaid MasterCard aimed primarily for use by young people, specifically the 13-18 age range.

A parent/guardian must sign-up for the MeCard, on behalf of the young 13-18 year old. Signing up for MeCard provides the adult with an online account, linked with complete transparency to each additional young person’s account which has been registered.

The parent/guardian can top up their MeCard via BACS, or at a PayPoint. They are then able to use the linked online account system to distribute the funds quickly and securely.

MeCard is chip and pin protected, once the young person has received the funds they are able to spend online, in-store, or anywhere they see the MasterCard acceptance mark.

MeCard is innovative in that the responsible adult is able to track how much and where their 13-18 year old is spending money which has been loaded on to their MeCard".

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