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Tesco Pet Insurance
previously featured at Zyra's affiliate website

Now you can insure your furry friends with Tesco Pet Insurance. The best thing is there is no age limit, so you can insure your animals regardless of age.

Please note that this page is historical, not current. See note at end.

Tesco Pet Insurance:

"Pet Insurance
Now protecting over 2 million paws nationwide!

Tesco Pet Insurance have teamed up with UK Insurance Limited so you can relax safe in the knowledge that, should something happen to your pets, all you have to worry about is helping them get better – we're already relied on by over 2 million paws!


20% online discount for new customers in their first year. If you insure more than one pet with us, we’ll give you a further 5% discount on each pet* (discounts are applied consecutively). Get a quote for Tesco Pet Insurance".

If you have been tempted by this, here WAS the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

Tesco Pet Insurance

http://www.tescofinance.com/ affiliate program is now with Affiliate Window but it was with Affiliate Marketing / Silvertap. It was good to have Tesco Insurance back on here, but I must admit I was not entirely happy with What Happened about Tesco and Silvertap

The problem of me not being entirely happy with what happened about Tesco and Silvertap has now escalated as Tesco Finance aren't happy about my comments about the Tesco/Silvertap matter, and rather than discussing things, they have kicked the affiliate off, which is a shame. But never mind, customers, there are plenty of other pet insurance options here! Plenty of places that don't mind free commentary being made about good and bad practice. Banks and financial institutions have to be accountable to public scrutiny and to critique, don't you think? If we ever let them be above criticism, what kind of a credit crunch world would it be then?!

* a further 5% discount on each pet (discounts are applied consecutively) ? This does not necessarily mean that if you had 20 pets you would get the insurance FREE! It's more likely that they discount the price by 5% (multiply by 0.95) for each pet. This would mean that if you had 20 pets you would, in theory at least, get about 64% discount. Now if you had a hive of bees (eg. 50,000 bees), and you consider that they are pet bees, it's up to you to negotiate a discount with Tesco Pet Insurance.

(I think if you tried that, the insurance company would insist you named them all).