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MORE THAN > Car Insurance , Home Insurance , Van Insurance and Business Car Insurance have at last returned to being good for business here at Zyra's affiliate website! There may even be a discount for buying online! The history of MORE THAN at this site has been chequered, and if you want to find out more about such matters including "cats", see the end of this page. Meanwhile, let's not worry about that!More Than > Well Done to MORE THAN for resuming good business!

Welcome Back to MORE TH>N ! At long last, MORE THAN are welcomed back at Zyra's website!

It is reasonable to say that MORE TH>N is one of the UK's leading insurance brands, and MORE THAN now has a dignified presence here at Zyra's website.

MORE TH>N offer consumer and business insurance products and with over 15 products connected up through a single networked system. You can visit More Th>n here and see what you think.

Here's the history of More Than in their own words:

"MORE TH>N was launched in June 2001 bringing freshness and a new approach to the consumer financial services market. At MORE TH>N, things never stand still. It takes thousands of dedicated and talented employees around the UK to deliver the excellence of service and products our customers demand and expect.

A new brand in consumer finance

Customers tell us they want a modern, forward thinking financial brand but with the Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Group heritage, More Thanexpertise and tradition behind it - and with MORE TH>N that’s exactly what they get. The MORE TH>N brand is grounded in the values of modernity, individuality, perspective, purposefulness, clarity and integrity and is underpinned by the desire to go the extra mile for the customer, deliver more than words and treat customers as individuals.

Personal Customer Manager

We offer a unique insurance service where you are provided with your very own Personal Customer Manager, who will take responsibility to answer your insurance queries.

Broad product range

The MORE TH>N product range is broad, encompassing car, home, pet, travel insurance and life insurance. Find out more www.morethan.com (affiliate link)

Award winning

MORE TH>N have been winning customer service awards since 2003 and gained a Gold medal for Best in Customer Service for the Europe, Middle East and Africa Regions at last year’s World Contact Centre Awards in London".

...So, there you have it, a recent (2010) review of More Than by More Than.

A range of different types of insurance by MORE THAN can be seen at the following dedicated pages...

>>>> MORE THAN car insurance >>>>

>>>> MORE THAN home insurance >>>>

>>>> MORE THAN van insurance >>>>

>>>> More Than Car Breakdown >>>>

>>>> MORE THAN business car insurance >>>>

>>>> MORE THAN travel insurance >>>>

Plus, the old MORE THAN Credit Card which has been historical for a while.

If you are tempted to look at the front page of MORE THAN > with its wide range of other insurance options, here's the link...

Link Here to go to More Than - multipurpose - This link should be adjusted

http://www.morethan.com affiliate programs have previously been on this site with various good affiliate companies including OMG UK , Commission Junction and DGM2, but now http://www.morethan.com affiliate program has now moved to TradeDoubler, and we congratulate all concerned in resolving an old issue with More Than, an old issue which we can put into history now. Well Done to More Than for coming back to being mutually good for business at this site!

More Than >The logo for "MORE THAN" with the letter "A" replaced by a ">" (greater than) mathematical symbol, is acknowledged to be a trademark of the MORE THAN company, when printed in a particular font and in a particular shade of green. Other affiliates also promoting MORE TH>N also have pages, for example see More Than > at STAMP DEMON and More Than at Xyroth Enterprises

As promised, MORE THAN now have a dignified page at Zyra's website. Historically, this was not always so, and you can see the OLD PAGE here if you like (includes cats).

Meanwhile, on the future of MORE THAN at Zyra's website, now that peace has been reached, the plan is to include more of the different types of MORE THAN insurance, including Pet Insurance, Shop Insurance, etc, on new dedicated pages. Watch this space!

MoreThan, now philosophically narrated on TV commercials by "Morethan Freeman".