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Interflora is a famous name in flowers. For as long as I can remember, florists have had theInterflora Interflora logo featuring the Roman god Mercury, in a ring, around which are the words "Interflora - Flowers Worldwide". I wondered how this was possible, that these small florists shops could provide a worldwide service for flower delivery. None of the bakers and butchers offered a worldwide service. Did Interflora have the god Mercury working for them, delivering flowers through the air as if by magic, like Father Christmas but for flowers? Not exactly, but the method that Interflora had was still quite clever. InterfloraInterflora had a system of telegraph between all of the florists that were members of Interflora, and the customer could go into a florist's shop anywhere that had the sign on show, and place an order for flowers of a particular specification, to be delivered to an address anywhere in the world. The flowers were not physically transported, but instead the flower order specification was sent to the florist at the receiving end, who would then create the bouquet as specified and then deliver it to the local address. Such a clever idea! Bearing in mind this was a long time ago, it seemed almost miraculous that flowers could be sent like this, faster than the train.

In their own words in 2009: "Interflora is one of the UK´s leading online florists. At Interflora we offer premium quality flowers, gifts and service. Our expert florists individually design every floral gift and personally hand deliver the freshest flowers and gifts direct to your chosen destination in the UK and worldwide.

There are gifts for all to enjoy and to suit every occasion. So whether it’s a special birthday, a time to send roses such as an anniversary or to celebrate success, a wedding, a birth or new home, sending flowers is the perfect way to show you care.

So think Thank You, think Happy Birthday, think Happy Anniversary, whatever the occasion…..Think Interflora… the flower experts!"

Another thing they used to say at Interflora was "Say it with flowers". The idea was, even if you were no poet and could not express your feelings for someone in words, you could send a empathic message by having a well-chosen artistic creation in flowers sent.

If you'd like to find out more about Interflora, here's the link:

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A further Well Done to Interflora for solving a problem which dogged the early Interflora affiliate program. In the early days, Interflora were so over-protective of their trademarks that they wouldn't allow anyone on their affiliate program who wrote write-ups and reviews that used the word "Interflora" anywhere in them. This, of course, limited the type of affiliates they could have, to only those who just held up a sign or a banner ad, and excluded those affiliates who exercised freedom of speech and wrote about the companies. Other florists, who didn't have such restrictions, prospered at their expense. But now, in the summer of 2009, Interflora's new affiliate program shows a transformation, with sensible trademark rules, and now free speech is allowed, there's a nice dedicated page about Interflora!