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Computer generated confetti

In the early era of computers, data was stored on punch tape. Although this didn't have the data storage density of hard disc drives, it had the advantage that with a bit of practice you could read the data by looking at the layout of holes in the paper tape. But as with Morse Code, paper tape has gone out of fashion, and only reappears for dramatic purposes.

Computer tape always looks scientific and futuristic even if it's being used for bedding for a cat! Another thing about computer tape is that it was made from paper and had the holes made by a paper tape punch, and the little discs that were punched out ended up in a "bit tray" with the after-effects of all the "1"s in it, (the "0s" required no holes to be made). After a good day's paper tape punching, a tape punch would end up with a quantity of these perfectly manufactured little paper discs.

The tiny discs had no conventional use, but that did not stop the stuff being used, for unconventional uses! Throwing at a wedding, for example. In such instances, the memory of the happy day would be around for a long time as tiny reminders would reappear in the form of a few little bits, as it was very difficult to clear up every last bit.

For a Wedding, you might need a New Hat, but the idea of punch-tape confetti is... Old Hat.

Computer punch-tape was already getting oldfashioned when this page was first created, but now it's almost unheard of in a practical sense. You'd need to visit a computer museum with working exhibits to get hold of enough computer punchtape confetti now! Throwing USB memory sticks just wouldn't be the same!