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FUN Presents

The fact that birthday presents and christmas presents can still be FUN!

When you're a child, birthday presents and xmas presents are a wonder and surprise. The contents of such parcels are an exciting prospect. You open up your presents to find that the items you've been given are FUN! Clearly the kind people who've given you these wondrous things have put a lot of thought into getting you something that'll be great fun, something that you'll really find great!

As you get older, you find that every now and then someone buys you a present which isn't so much fun. For example: Socks, whilst useful, and worthy of gratitude to the benefactor who has bestowed them upon you, aren't a cause for great excitement and joy, except in very exceptional circumstances.

As the years go by, the percentage of these "useful" presents rather than "FUN presents" increases. It's not entirely the fault of the people doing the giving. It's relatively easy to choose something that a child would find exciting, and with a bit more thought it's possible to refine the choice so it's something not over-expensive and not dangerous too.

But if you reach that state of existence known as "grown up", or at least reach the age at which you would be expected by some people to behave as "grown up", the likelihood is that if you receive any presents at all they'll probably be of the "useful" type rather than gifts that would be essentially FUN! But why should this be? Are we to believe that fun is only something children have? Or, maybe it's the market that's got it rigged to make us think that way. It could be that it's just a convention that grown-ups don't need to have fun, or something quaintly conceptually conservative in tradition like that. So, to conform to that, the gift market adopts a sober or even sombre approach to the whole business.

I've seen a similar thing with cards. Do you buy a normal greeting card and just sign it, or do you do something such as make a card or adapt a card in some thoughtful clever way? According to the laws of convention as enforced by supposedly funny comedians, you're supposed to just buy a card and sign it, whereas if you make a card or do something really clever, you're considered a bit foolish. How they managed to dupe people about that is the mystery, as it's obvious that for the recipient any incoming card which has just been bought and signed is a nice thought but anything special such as a specially-made card or a greeting card which has been carefully altered by the sender shows they really have put some personal thought into it!

Meanwhile on the subject of the Fun Presents, wouldn't it be good if, even though you have lived long enough to become of an age where you are alleged to have become "grown-up", you still received fun presents? On your birthday, you have a cake with plenty of candles on it, cards thoughtfully made/adapted by your friends and relations, and gifts of the type where instead of it being "oh, that'll come in handy" or "yes, well I suppose we'll find somewhere to put that", it's more like "Wow! Look At That!" or "I Never Believed You Could get That!" etc?

I can't make that happen directly, any more than I can choose a greeting card for someone else to give. But I can expound the concept here and give a hint as to what it would be like. And, I can show you a choice of places which may help in your choice when you're thinking of buying presents for someone. It's your choice, so choose well! I have a few places which are worth taking the time to look through: Gifts and Action/Adventure Gifts and now as well Personalised Books and Personalised Gifts where the person finds the gift is about them, and unique.