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Personalised Books and Gifts

With You as the subject, You as the main character in a book. Or, personalised gifts with your name, likeness, etc.

Personalised books are story books in which you, or the person you are getting the book for, is featured as a leading character in the story narrative. So, when they are reading the book they see that it is they themselves that are being written about doing all kinds of exciting things. This appeals to children, and to other people whose imaginations have not yet been stifled.

Perhaps the ultimate personalised book in history has to have been Alice in Wonderland, which was written by Lewis Carol for Alice. Alice must have been delighted! Now these days we can't promise that level of dedication and quality of personalisation, but thanks to computer technology it's at least possible to have books, stories, in which you, your child, or someone of your choice, is featured as the main character. Some of these contain pictures as well as storyline.

Personalised books are in the top section of this page which is about personalised books and personal gifts. In the second part, personal gifts, presents are featured which include specific personal things, for example a jigsaw puzzle of the family, coffee mugs with your face smiling at you, engraved golfballs, etc.

A third classification of personal gifts is also included where a personal greetings car, letter, or personalised certificate of an event is also included in the present.

Personalised Books


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Bill and Ben the Cartoon Men - tasteful caricatures

Name Necklaces

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Branded Beer (gone)

You can also get a personalised domain, as explained at Zyra.me.uk, via 123-reg

My Photo Puzzle

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Getmapping - aerial view with personal message


Golf Balls.co.uk (gone)

Hamper Gifts

Mini Marvellous - personalised birthday presents

Goodheart Gifts

Comboutique - personalised T-shirts

My Bigger Picture (gone)

My Own Labels - personalised stuff for weddings

Fudge Mail (gone) - personalised greetings card including food

Woozworld US - personal custom virtual worlds

Tree 2 My Door - includes a personal gift card as well as a guide on how to care for the tree!

Snapfish - India - personalized photo gifts like mugs, t-shirts, key chains, calendar, canvases, flip books, Photo books etc.

Noble Macmillan (gone) - leather

Fine Art International - personalised, gift-wrapped, and delivered

My 1st Years (gone) - baby gifts with embroidered messages

Cafe Press - personalized gifts and one-of-kind gear. You can even personalize a Flip Mino video camera

Hour Power Watches - a photo of your choice, inside a watch!

Shirt City UK - customised t-shirts

Shirt City USA - customized t-shirts

Home and Garden Gifts - includes personalised gifts

Thorntons - chocolate easter-eggs with custom inscription

Lovehearts - you can even get these customised

R U Comfy (gone) - personalised bean bags

Not Designer - personalised diamante name belts

On The Cover (gone) - [NAME] on the front cover of a newspaper

In The Paper - Newspapers that look authentic, but have a personalised "news item"!

Making The News (gone)

RE Sports - personalized gifts, trophies, and awards

Pamper Cake - personal cakes, but best not to eat them, as they are made of nappies

Smythson (gone) - personalised stationery

Your Hamper - personalised hampers?

Just For Gifts - personalised presents

Just Miniatures (gone) - wedding favours in the form of personalised small bottles of liquor

Need A Present - includes personalised Warhol style prints

Photobox (gone) - personal story photo albums, almost like "This Is Your Life"

Chocomize (gone) - personalized chocolate bars

Whales and Friends (gone) - personalised gifts

Steiff Teddy Bears - a personalised teddy bear by Steiff? That's taking it a bit far.

Spread Shirt (gone) - personalised stuff including t-shirts

Wacky Planets - Custom made apparel and personalized gifts

The Bespoke Gift Company - a stunning range of contemporary personalised gifts

Kodak EasyShare Gallery - personal photos turned into various things

Hanson Ellis - personalized wedding favors

Historic Newspapers

Newspapers Remembered (gone) - genuine newspapers from the past

News Recreated

Toys R Us - including personalized gifts

Photo Love Letter - Romantic and personalised

The Keepsake Company (gone) - amazing personal items for the future

Sophias Style - cute personalized birthday dresses for little girls

The Letter Art Company - Artistic lettering in photo images to produce personalised messages

Unique Baby Gifts (gone) - personalised gift wrapping service, including an individual personalised card and all wrapped and packaged in a keepsake box.

Digitransfer - personalised European merchandise in Dutch, German, and English

Wine Gifts 4U (gone) - personalised labeled wine gifts. Redirects to...

Champagne Gifts 4U (gone)

Wedding Delights (gone) - personalised wedding stuff

Shindigz - personalized and fun party products

The Gift Experience - including some gifts which can be personalised

Cancer Research Wedding Favours - personalised wedding favour cards, and it's in a good cause

Online Wedding Shop (gone) - personalised Engraved Wedding Gifts

My Shape - Personal Shop™ outfits personalised to your shape not your name

Totally Gifts - Romantic Personalised gifts

Kids Stuff and Things - personalised CD ?

Foto UK - your photos printed in a beautiful photo book and create various personalised photo products

Photo Crazed (gone) - personalized pop art

Invitation Consultants - personalized invitations

Photoworks (gone) - photo-personalized products

With Love From (gone) - personalised quality giftware for special presents and events.

Personalised awards, trophies, certificates...

Virgin Balloon Flights

Successories - motivational products - including personal awards

Funky Hampers

Pink Lining - includes a personalised greeting

Present Aid - make a donation to poor people in the Developing World, and send a personal message

Smart Gift Solutions (gone) - includes a personalised greeting

Send Chocs - complete with a personalised message

Personalised greetings cards

Planet Cards

Hello Turtle - personalised greetings cards

Flowercard - personalised cards with flowers included!

Christmas Cards (gone)

Card Store - personalized cards

Utterly Personal - personalised cards and gifts

Honey Tree Publishing - Bespoke Stationery

Personalised other stuff...

To be added.

This page has taken a lot of creating. So next time we let htmloose loose aboot this hoose, it's worth remembering how words such as "personalised" can mean various things other than the concept we're trying to include. However, the page now only includes places which actually include some personalised content.