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Personal Art

There's an added twist on your gifts at Personal Art. You can create portraits from your photos or Warhol inspired creations and even Roy Lichtenstein's comic style.

Personal Art:

"Personal-Art specialises in making outstanding portraits from photos.

Their artistic activity began in 2004 in the Netherlands, then Germany. UK followed, but was not a priority until now, after a change of ownership in Sept. 2010.

New Websites, new styles, and a growing list of nice objects to be personalised with their customer's designs, in addition to the traditional canvas or poster.

Personal-Art focuses also on Home Decor, and offers a wide range of unusual sizes for Canvas prints, from 20x20cm to 150x250 cm.

Remarkable colourful animated banners, on the themes 'Your Photos to Pop-Art', with pictures of a couple, a Boy, Children, Dogs, and a Xmas Lady, in a Warhol-like style with Pink or Green main colours.

Another set, Yellow, in Roy Lichtenstein's Style focus on the amateurs of Comics, they can have their own picture cartooned".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

Personal Art

www.personal-art.me.uk affiliate program is with Trade Tracker. Ooh look, as well as being a place of personal art, they're a .me.uk site as well!

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