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Don't spend all your money copying celebs, they won't copy you! Visit NOT DESIGNER, look just as good and for a lot less money. Let the daft celebs waste their money!!


"not designer products are sourced from all over the world and are, without exception, not available on the high street. We sell innovative and trendy new fashion accessories – quality sunglasses, personalised diamante name belts, and sexy hats.

We do not sell copies or fakes of branded goods but source quality products which best reflect up-to-the-minute fashion trends and styles, all at not designer prices.

Our product range is constantly being updated according to current trends and customer requests. Based on our customer feedback we hope to continue adding new and original products in years to come.

NotDesigner.com specialises in celebrity and designer inspired sunglasses, belts, hats and accessories.

The sunglasses are high quality and cost less than a fifth of similar designer ones. Even better, there is a Buy One Get One Free offer on all styles, which ensures high conversion ratios.

NotDesigner.com places an emphasis on quality customer care. Customers can expect their order to be delivered within 48 hours. We inform customers of our every step after the order has been placed.

These products are not authentic, original or genuine products of any designer brand label or copies of such products. We do not represent our products as copies and only ask you to compare our products to certain similar designer products which we consider are comparable to our own products. Not Designer Limited is in no way affiliated to, associated with or sponsored by any of the designer brands featured on this website or any designer product. All of the brand and product names referred to in this website are trade marks of their respective owners and/or celebrities named.

In addition none of the celebrities named or featured on this website have endorsed these products and we do not hold them out to have any connection with the products advertised on the site. This website is neither affiliated to nor associated or sponsored by any of the trade mark owners or celebrities named.

If you wish to purchase authentic, original or genuine designer brand sunglasses you should contact the relevant brand owners authorised dealer".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Not Designer

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