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Truths not Commonly Realised

Here are a few things:

The Earth is smoother than a Snooker Ball

It's possible to recycle an automatic washing machine glass as a cooking bowl

All speakers are microphones

It's possible to read text in which the letters of all the words have been mixed up (except the first and last letters of each word) - or IS IT?!

Real Antiques are often less expensive than Reproduction Antiques

Televisions float - CRT - Cathode Ray Tube - TVs and monitor - float in water

Birthday presents could still be FUN - Yes! Definitely! They should be FUN!

You can use a computer CD drive to play CDs WITHOUT A COMPUTER

Caesar's Last Breath ... and ... "Titanic Water"

Glass is a Liquid or is it?!

It's possible to have hot fizzy cola

When sending an e-mail, it's possible to BCC it, so as to avoid all of the people getting to know all of the other people's e-mail addresses.

Odd things happen when objects are scaled up or scaled down - volume and surface area ratio explored!

You can reduce your chance of being attacked by wild tigers by wearing a mask on the back of your head!

Keyboard Shortcuts and the ability to type in strange characters and symbols

You can convert video tape recorder units to time

WHY the Universe exists (rather than there being Nothing)

You can put weight on a helium balloon so it floats in mid air

The earth is round. But the question is: WHY is the Earth round?

Video tapes can be mended

You too can be a chicken hypnotist - the method for hypnotising of chickens explained.

There is a clear distinction between merchant and affiliate content on websites, so let's get this straight, thereby avoiding corporate entities getting away with their attempts to silence free speech!

Cats can see in the Dark - to some extent

Baby Pigeons - the truth revealed

You Can Move a Ship - manually, even many hundreds of tons

The Truth about Rubber Bands Found in the Street - why so many? where they come from?

...and various others which will be added.

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