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How to Defend Yourself against Tigers: Saving yourself from Wild Tigers by wearing a Mask on the Back of your Head

Now this might sound silly, but I have heard that there is a remarkably effective way to save yourself from wild tigers. Wear a mask on the back of your head!

How this works is that tigers, being cats, are very fussy and finicky in their behaviour and are driven by instinct, and it is their instinct when stalking their prey to attack from behind. By wearing a mask on the back of your head, you present tigers with a situation where they are unable to accomplish an attack from behind with any certainty, so will be confused and put off attacking you.

Although it might sound as if it's a joke, like the stuff about wearing of running shoes, Tiger!not so you can outrun the tiger but so you can outrun another person, who will presumably be eaten by the tiger instead of you. But, the "mask on the back of your head" method is a perfectly serious preventative suggestion. I have heard that since this method was introduced, no people wearing masks on the backs of their heads have been eaten by tigers.

Since this page was written, there has been a case of someone being attacked by a tiger even though he was wearing a mask on the back of his head. However, many people not taking such a precaution have died. Also, in the case in question, the victim had been walking around in the jungle being stalked by the same tiger for three hours. Presumably the tiger eventually got so frustrated at not being able to find a way of creeping up behind him that it just lost its composure!


* Do not try this in a safari park! The method is supposed to work versus tigers in the WILD and is based on the fact that they are wary of people. In comparison, tigers in safari parks see people all the time and aren't scared of them at all regardless of whether they are wearing masks, either back to front or otherwise.

* The method is not guaranteed 100% proven to work in all instances, but it is an interesting observation/suggestion. You take your own risks. This site takes no responsibility for people being mauled by tigers!

* Tigers are in more danger from people than people are from tigers. Save them if you can! See World Wildlife Fund

* What kind of masks? Presumably any mask that looks like a face sufficiently well so the tiger is convinced it's a face. V-for-Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks would do, even though they are usually worn facing frontwards to make a political point against the establishment. Still, you could wear two masks, one facing front and one facing aft, like Janus, and simultaneously face up to tigers AND the establishment.

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Photo of a tiger taken in London Zoo where you can observe tigers quite safely with or without a mask. Also see tiger in the zoo

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