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I've heard they are very fond of children!

A candid photo taken in London Zoo where visitors and tigers can look at each-other.


Tigers in London Zoo. Big Cats, just the other side of the glass. You can get right up close to the glass and see the tigers, and they can see you, with only inches between.

If it were bars, like an old-style zoo or circus, then the tigers would have their claws in you for sure. However, it is modern unbreakable transparent stuff which the tigers can not break, and so they can just eye you up through the glass, and you can eye them up, looking eye-to-eye with the eye of the tiger.

What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry, in the words of the famous poet William Blake. It is awesome to eye up a tiger so close without the disadvantage of being eaten alive by this legendary ravenous carnivore.

To the tiger, zoo visitors are like mice, the other side of the glass, and yet the tigers are resigned to being unable to eat them, having become accustomed to being unable to eat them, from years of experience at London Zoo! The tigers looked so bored. Still, I'm sure the tigers are well-fed at the zoo. Zoos usually have some amicable arrangements with the food shops, where food which is still good but is beyond the best before date goes to animals, who are quite happy to eat it.

See, just when you thought cats were little furry creatures.

You can see this type of Tiger Scenery for yourself by booking a visit to London Zoo yourself.

London Zoo being a public place, the only way I could get such a good photo of the tigers was to take a picture through the glass, and I happen to have got the back view of some folk. I have tried to spray-out any reflections, as I respect people. Honestly, it's a picture of TIGERS in the Zoo, and the fact there happen to be people included in entirely incidental.

Also see, when in the Wild, how to avoid being eaten by tigers, what? By wearing a MASK on the back of your head? How can that possibly work?!