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Infrequently Asked Questions

which you'd be intrigued to hear the answers to, even though the questions are seldom asked

I realised a while ago that there were questions which were infrequently asked and yet, when they were asked, considerable interest was shown in the answers. This is typical of the sort of crazy things at Zyra's website. It goes along well with truths and misconceptions which have been up here for a while. You might have always been curious to know why clocks go round clockwise or why you never see baby pigeons and yet you might feel that asking the questions was a bit awkward. Well now this is solved, as here are some infrequently asked questions and their answers...

(click on the links - Each of these has a dedicated page about it!)

Why is the sky Blue ?

Why do you never see Baby Pigeons ?

Why do Clocks go round Clockwise ?

Why Does the Universe Exist ?

Why are Rubber Bands found in the Street ?

Is it true that you're never more than 20ft from a Rat ?

Are the North and South Poles going to Flip ?

Can Cats See in the Dark ?

What's the maximum number of spoons of sugar that can be dissolved in a cup of tea ?

[More to be added]

In a way, this is part of cheer me up!, but in another way, it's the antithesis of "Frequently asked questions" which are ubiquitous on websites and which tend to be not quite what they say. I mean, surely people would start asking questions and then when a question had been asked more times than a pre-defined quota, it would merit a "Frequently Asked Question" entry. Yet, when you see a "Frequently Asked Questions" section at a website, it's often things which the site owners would like to be asked, or might imagine would be asked, etc.

As a counterblast to the ubiquitousness and obtuse style of "Frequently Asked Questions", several people have already had the good idea of creating a website feature entitled "INFrequently Asked Questions", and here are a few of them which we link to, to be helpful...


http://ifaq.us (gone)

www.economist.com/diversions/quiz/ - also see The Economist Ireland

Knuth Infrequently Asked Questions : www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~uno/iaq.html

Bill Gates Infrequently Asked Questions : www.thegatesnotes.com/Infrequently-Asked-Questions/Default.aspx

www.alistapart.com/articles/infrequently-asked-questions-of-faqs/ - the whole FAQ'ishness put into question

[Any more?]

There are probably others, but these were some of the most prominent when I created this page, and of course they were there first, so it seems only fair to link to them. I must admit I'm especially impressed with "Knuth: Infrequently Asked Questions" as it's a much more sensible interpretation about politics than the mass-media and politicians would like us all to be spoon-fed with. And Bill Gates? Well I don't like his operating systems, but I still say Well Done when he does something good such as walking out of the golf club and setting up his own because of Freedom of Appearance.

In case you're wondering,Zyra! Zyra's website is quite large and contains a great many things as well as this feature. You'll most likely have fun exploring around it, and it's like those big museums where you can't see everything in a day. There is commercial content here and there, but it's generally only seen if you're looking for it.