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Can you help to solve some of these mysteries?

SALS machineAny ideas about this, the SALS machine? And the date of January 28th 1944? Clearly it's some sort of emergency systems device with a lot of lamps and pushbuttons, and that is a map of Paris, but if you know any more about the history of this, the owner of this machine would like to know. More about this on SALS MACHINE PAGE

Eureka machineEureka machineAlso, do you have a EUREKA RADIO? A radio collector is interested.

The old page showing interest in any big derelict building, mansion, castle, mental asylum, etc (THE BIG BUILDING) is on hold pending outcomes of the tax haven situation.

Laservision discs looked like twelve-inch diameter CDsIn the 1980s Acorn and the BBC did something called THE DOMESDAY PROJECT. It was a survey of the entire UK and the data was stored on twelve-inch laser discs. What happened to this? The data, some machines, and the software, must still exist. Any ideas on how I can get this? More about this on the DOMESDAY MACHINE PAGE

REMOTE VIEWING: There has been a suggestion made that a Remote Viewing experiment be performed. A scientific experiment into ESP Extra Sensory Perception, can this be magic? Interested?: See Remote Viewing Page

Can you help add to the information on this site? Suggestions for what should go on next, please e-mail me Also, missing links need filling in on such things as places, chocolate companies, astronomy & space links, etc. Have a look at the page and then e-mail from there.

Wanted: Graphic Novels. Can you help this fan of graphic novels and comic material to acquire a collection? See Cult Images

Another mystery - Why did KENSINGTON MARKET have to shut? It was prosperous, profitable, and was a world-famous alternative market. Customers and traders tried to prevent it from being closed, mounting a great petition, but it was still closed. Do you know anything about this? Have your say on "comments" on the Kensington Market section of: ALTERNATIVE MARKET

Ankh - symbol of LIFECRYONICS - The UK is still living in a Dickensian age when it comes to such human rights as what you can do with your own body. But some places are more enlightened. Where would you recommend moving to for having a body frozen? Does your country respect personal liberties and last wishes of the dead? See the Cryogenics page (last paragraph). Or, have I got it wrong about the UK? If you know the legalities, please let me know.

Wanted: Quantitative EEG at affordable price. Other neuroscience equipment also considered. Also wanted Asimov's chronology of science and technology and the micrographed version of the Complete Oxford English Dictionary. Contact Xyroth

Are you COLOURBLIND? If so, your help will be appreciated. Is any of my website here unreadable? Let me know and I'll amend it on the next issue. Contact: e-mail me

Islands for sale. Do you know of any? Interested. See Islands For Sale

Why is it that when you look for things on a Search Engine, all the results are in North America or Europe? There is a WIDER WORLD which I'm sure contains sites and links all over the place. I intend to redress the balance and try to encompass the entire world. If you know of good links internationally, please tell me. E-mail

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Ognyan Savov and I am from Bulgaria.
The next year (2002) I am graduating navigation from
The Naval Academy "N.Vaptsarov" in Varna, Bulgaria.
I want to ask You whether your company offers any job
for such a profession and if so what the opportunities
for development are.

Yours faithfully,
Ognyan Savov


There are a lot of links in the CATEGORIES files, to business and sites that should be there. But it is far from complete. Help to improve this will be appreciated. (you can e-mail from specific areas within categories).

Affiliate Programs. Do you know of any more enterprises who would consider a commission-based (or similar) scheme on this site. See Affiliate Programs. Also read this if you are interested in making money out of putting links to companies on your own website.

For Sale: Life-Size Wax HEAD of FIDEL CASTRO. Genuine reason for sale. More about this here

Full-size replica of the Rosetta Stone.

Potential buyer requires full-size replica of the legendary Rosetta Stone. The British Museum used to sell full-size replicas a while ago, but demand was not high.

However, there are probably still some of these out there. If you have such a Rosetta Stone (full size), or know where such an artifact can be obtained, please let us know so we can forward the information on the the potential buyer.

See Rosetta Stone for contact info

Do you have a copy for sale of the movie The Student Prince 1954? I have been trying to get it for nearly 20 years! If you do or if you know where I can get it would you please
e-mail me or phone 01509 505153 (UK).

Many thanks.

Yours desperately,


(Please mention Zyra's website if phoning)


Here's an opportunity if you like old books and you would like to set up a website. Anyone fancy setting up Your Own Bookshop?

Do you know of any PUBS that are closing down? Our contact would like to know about public houses which are being shut and which have the set of equipment that such places have. (Surprisingly, most pubs that close down and go out of business don't sell off the equipment, whereas they could, and our contact is interested in buying it!). There is also a considerable interest being expressed in secondhand GYM equipment. However, this must be professional equipment (industrial) as seen in a public gym, not domestic exercise equipment that someone might have in their home. So, if you know of any closing pubs or gyms, or you have knowledge of available equipment of these types, now's your chance to write in

Gambling machines, amusement machines, fruit machines, bandits, (at least those of the digital age), often have interesting GLASS on the front. These have character, and the resilient and decorative toughened glass often outlives the machine itself. A stock of such interesting Amusement Machine Glass is to be sold off as the current owner is emigrating from the UK. So, if you'd be interested in buying the entire collection of fruit machine front glass, now's the time. See Gambling Machine Parts

I have acquired an x-ray image-intensifier tube off a Philips BV22HQ x-ray machine. It was a C-Arm type machine, and I have the image-intensifier and the vidicon. I could do with some help to identify the voltages required. If you can help, please see BV 22 HQ