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This is the page that used to advertise Wanted: BIG BUILDING. Here's how the page used to read...


I am interesting in buying a property, and it must be VERY BIG. But I do not have millions of pounds yet, and whilst I hope to be very lucky, I am not unrealistic. The idea is to find a building which is enormous but has things about it which might put off developers. A derelict country house might be disused for many years if it's in a remote a location. I'll consider anything, and go anywhere. Castles, mansions, country houses, lunatic asylums, hospitals, anything BIG enough. As regards the state of repair, a roof would be good, but such things as windows and floorboards are optional.

If you know of anywhere that might be of interest, please e-mail me

...But now, because of a change in circumstances this is not exactly the situation anymore, unless I was to tag on the end of the page the extra condition "(must be in a tax haven)". This would probably be asking too much, so for now the page is on hold pending the solving of the tax position.

Meanwhile, if you have happened to visit here following a search, you may be interested to see the FULL SITE INDEX at this site, which is an excellent place to start looking for almost anything. If you're looking for property, there's quite a few property agents on this site, depending on locations.

Update: I have now emigrated to Panama and have bought a building which is quite big. There have been hints that I should put the topolgy on here. I wonder if that would be of interest?!