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For Sale:

Life-size wax head of FIDEL CASTRO

¡una cabeza de cera de Fidel Castro el presidente de Cuba!

Yes, it's true, we have here a genuine offer for sale of a life-size HEAD of the young FIDEL CASTRO the famous leader of Cuba.

Fidel Castro became prime minister of Cuba in 1959 and was immortalised in WAX circa 1970.

The wax head has been expertly crafted and is complete with inserted hair and beard.

This rare piece of history is available for you to buy, and was previous offered for sale some years ago for £400 Sterling, but it is expected to fetch considerably more now!

Demand for this is expected to be high. Fidel Castro was a well-respected figure in many places in the world and I have even heard that some members of the government of the United States were heard to say at one time that they "want Fidel Castro's head". Historians, museums, collectors, and anyone with a desire to have the ultimate conversation-piece in their home, all may express a wish to own this unusual item and may make offers in this unique sale.

You could be the new owner of this piece of history. Offers and correspondence on this should be via e-mail (please put "Fidel Castro" in the subject line, to avoid confusion. This website has thousands of pages).

Potential buyers are reminded that safe delivery (from a secret location in the UK) can be to anywhere in the world but must be paid for by the buyers.

Update: Since this page was put up, the wax head of Fidel Castro has received a huge amount of e-mail, some of it addressed to "Dear Castro,". Some of the messages offer mortgages, or medicines to remedy conditions which the recipient has not got a problem with, (see lines of business of spam), watches (to go on your WRIST), and offers of a job, and it's not unusual for a message like this to come in...

----- Original Message -----
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Also, as Fidel Castro is mentioned at the start of this page, some people are sending in huge amounts of political propaganda. Well, there's no telling them that this is a web page advertising a WAX HEAD for sale. So, if you see an e-mail campaign that's described as "targeted", maybe it's best to cast some doubt on it. Also see cautionary tale of sending spam!

Meanwhile, back to business: If you would like to acquire a genuine waxwork piece of art consisting of a wax head of the famous political figure Fidel Castro, here is your chance to put in a good offer and be the owner of something unusual. Correspondence on this should be via e-mail (please put "Fidel Castro" in the subject line, to avoid confusion. This website has thousands of pages).

Once you've bought the head, what you do with it is up to you (on your own head be it, so to speak). I would have though the likely possibility would be that you'd want to create a whole body that gives the impression of the physical presence of Fidel Castro (complete). I am reliably informed by experts in the waxworks business that when creating a whole likeness, getting the head is the tricky bit, whereas the rest of the body is not so difficult. So, with a bit of extra attention you could have an uncanny lifelike replica of Fidel Castro, with appropriate outfit, at your dinner table or boardroom table. This would certainly be a talking point!

Update 2008/02/19: Fidel Castro has retired, so now might be a good time to buy this interesting waxwork representation of the Fidel Castro when he was younger.

Update 2012: I am surprised that there haven't yet been requests coming in from anyone in Cuba, or indeed from Cuban embassies around the world. Some of these places are quite spacious and could easily spare a chair upon which to have a waxwork of the character. Imagine that, though. You go into the Embassy of Cuba, and somewhere in the office you notice there's Fidel Castro sitting there!

Actualización de 2012: Me sorprende que aún no han sido las peticiones que vienen de cualquier persona en Cuba, o de hecho de las embajadas cubanas en todo el mundo. Algunos de estos lugares son bastante amplias y fácilmente podría tener una silla sobre la cual tiene una figura de cera del personaje. Imagina que, sin embargo. Entras en la Embajada de Cuba, y en algún lugar en la oficina que usted cuenta de que hay, Fidel Castro, sentado allí!


This is not a joke. It is not a "photoshop-job". The offer is entirely genuine. The item in question is a waxwork, like the ones you see in Madame Tussauds in London.