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Now let's get this right. I am not talking about the DOOMSDAY machine or anything of an apocalyptic nature, and it's nothing to do with a-bombs or h-bombs or about the END OF THE WORLD. I am trying to find out about a thing that was done in the 1980s by Acorn and The BBC, where a great survey was done of the UK (like the olde book of the 1066 era), and the information was stored on the NEW TECHNOLOGY of the day, which at the time was laser-discs controlled by a BBC Computer. The discs look a bit like CDs but are twelve inches in diameter. Some machines, and the software, must still exist, possibly stashed away in store cupboards in schools. I would be interested in getting the information which was stored on the Domesday Project, either by getting it on CD or by finding an old machine. If you can help on this, please e-mail me

More news on this (2003/03): Apparently, the original Domesday Book is still readable after some 900-odd years, while the digital project discs became difficult to read after only fifteen!

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Update 2010: Various brilliant and dedicated people are working to resurrect the Domesday Project, but they have been up against problems. It's not just endemic wastefulness in schools and the chucking-away of expensive machines that have come out of taxpayers' money. It's a problem of protectionist copyrights. The big lesson here to be learnt for future projects is: Use Open Standards and Open Platforms !

Update 2011: There seems to be a modicum of progress: or

More to be added!