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Fruit Machine Bits For Sale

Gambling machines have been dismantled and the bits are now up for sale. Fruit machine reels, decorative glass fronts, stepper motors, cash boxes, electronics, payout tubes and solenoid units, are available for you to buy here. Pieces from machines by Barcrest, Maygay, JPM, and other manufacturers of cash wagering fun hardware are here to be seen.

AMUSEMENT MACHINE GLASS: The front glass from such machines as Dr Who, Coronation Street, Eastenders, Del's Millions, The Crystal Maze, Monopoly, Around the World, Cluedo, are available. These and many others were carefully salvaged from the demolition of the machines. Some are collectible, and some are just interesting. The collection of fruit machine glass here is remarkable, and takes considerable care to leaf through in the style of sifting through a huge box of 12 inch vinyl LPs. Some of the pieces of glass are big enough to make into coffee tables. Typical price: £20 GBP each. There is a considerable stock with a variety of interesting glass, and if you'd like to buy the entire collection it would be an interesting business. (Obviously if you buy the whole lot, you'll get it at a very considerably reduced price per glass so you can make a good profit on each glass that you sell).

FRUIT MACHINE REELS: The wheels which spin when gambling is in progress. These are from a variety of different gambling machines of the late 1980s and early to mid 1990s. Complete with fruit and other front plastic reels, wheels, stepper motors, opto-isolators, circuit boards, etc.

PAYOUT TUBES: Complete with heavy-duty solenoids and tubes, these can dispense GB pound pieces, 50p pieces, 20p pieces, 10p pieces, etc. (provide your own cash!)

ELECTRONICS: Various bits and pieces, an assorted collection. Also see Electronic Junk For Sale

POWER SUPPLIES: A variety of choice hefty metal units including some chunky toroidal transformers.

MISC: Just about anything you might expect to find resulting from the careful disassembly of gambling machines. A few things that come to mind: Special mouldings, fancy top plate of the machine, slot for putting the money in, the rubber oche where the gambler's feet rest against the base of the machine, little circuit boards with 9-pin plugs on them, sections from wiring looms, plugs and sockets. Loads of stuff to look through.

Makes of amusement machine that have been carefully dismantled here include Barcrest, JPM, Maygay, Bell Fruit, and now there are also the bits from the Electrocoin BIG7 amusement machine including reels, front glass, control panel, decals, and a few other bits. For a long time there have been Barcrest MPU4 boards and reels, club machine reels, components, etc. Bring a truck and a wallet.


* Pieces from fruit machines have other uses as well as for the maintenance of existing machines. The glass can be made into interesting talking points for home decor, for framing and hanging on the wall or for making into unorthodox coffee tables, etc. Stepper motors from fruit machine reels can be used in the construction of robots, and payout tubes have their own uses as per the ingenuity of the buyer.

* The selling of amusement machine bits is NOT the main line of business here. If you'd like to contact someone who is an expert in the maintenance and supply of amusement machines, contact ANT at Eastern Automatics and mention ZYRA put the word in. Meanwhile, if you are interested in the carefully recycled secondhand bits and pieces on offer at Zyra's Bazaar, please make contact HERE and we'll see what can be arranged.

* Potential buyers wishing to poke through the stuff should come to an arrangement for by appointment only viewings (in the East of England). We're open to offers for any of the bits, and will consider the interestingness of the intended use as well as the cash price. If you visit, then (subject to some reasonable conditions) you get a Free PC Keyboard if you'd like one.

* Complete machines are rare, as they usually arrive incomplete and are then stripped of useful bits (which are put on sale here), and then the chipboard cases are smashed with a sledgehammer and the pieces used as firewood! Free Heat!

I have now emigrated, but the stock of gambling machine spares is still for sale. The collection of amusement machine glass is in Lincolnshire, UK. If you'd like to look at that, let's arrange an appointment with the people who are residing in the house. Or, if you are looking for some of the components which have come with me to Panama , a different arrangement for appointments is involved! Either way, you can write in and let's sort something out.

Meanwhile, virtual slots continue on this website!