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Zyra's Bazaar

Established 1987, Zyra's Bazaar is a computerised buying-and-selling system. In the original configuration, items were put for sale in a list which was stored on a computer and printed out to produce a booklet of items. The range of items on sale was extraordinary, including a great many remarkable and curious objects and lines. People were buying the list from newsagents because it was an entertainment in itself reading the list!

There is still, in this year 2000, a huge stock of stuff, a lot of which is interesting, and some of which is now VERY INTERESTING as it is still in storage though it is from a bygone age! For example, bits and pieces of old computers, software from such things as the ZX81, Oric Atmos, BBC Computer 32K, Vic20, Spectrum. Thermionic valves such as the EF80, 807, PCL82. Something described as an "ornithopter gearbox", various old records, books, toys, (some of which have already become collectible), old car spares from vehicles long ago dismantled and now classic.

There are things which are stored away which are beyond belief! The current plan is to start including some of the data in this website, as you may be interested in buying something!

In the meantime, see PROVISIONAL LIST

Note that there is a vast amount more stuff than is on the "Provisional List", and since then the Zyra's Bazaar Storage System has become a useful system which provides some help for hoarders to allow them to store their stuff!