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The Zyra's Bazaar FREE KEYBOARD offer

Subject to some reasonable conditions, if you make the effort and turn up and have a look at the stuff with a view to buying, you get a free PC keyboard.

This offer has now expired. It was good while it lasted, though. (The page is kept for historical purposes).

I'll not pretend this the best special offer giveaway ever, but it's fair to say it is a genuine offer and a helpful positive incentive to give you an extra reason to make an appointment and visit the physical location of the stuff for sale at Zyra's Bazaar in the East of England. Being given a free secondhand computer keyboard is not going to (of itself) tempt anyone to come and look through the marvellous collection of junk, but the thought may help to tip the balance in favour of a visit if you were undecided!

Reasonable terms and conditions applying to this offer at the time are:

1. You must have made a special effort to come here and have travelled more than 20 miles.

2. You must have a serious intention to have a look at some of the on sale stuff with a view to buying something (though you don't actually have to buy anything to qualify for a free keyboard) (your intention to view stuff doesn't have to involve items of a computerish nature, so, bizarre as it may seem, if you come to look at buying the enamel bath or the old farm cart wheels, I'll still offer you a free computer keyboard).

3. Only one free keyboard per visit. So if you bring the family, that's still only one keyboard. However, if you'd like to buy a few extra keyboards you are welcome to put in a sensible offer. They're generally cheaper than buying new from computer rallies and shops that sell computers. Typical prices: First keyboard: FREE. Additional keyboard: £2. A dozen keyboards: let's haggle.

4. No cash alternative. Let's not be silly about it.

These free keyboards are secondhand and are "as seen", but we have no reason to doubt them. They don't come with a guarantee, but you can test them if you like or take a risk. The keyboards all have those diddy PS2 plugs typical of the modern era rather than the original full-size 5-pin din plugs. They are available in traditional off-white cream colour, black, or silver. Most have multimedia buttons which are unlikely to work straight-off in Linux. Some have ex-military or ex-government warning labels. They are a mixed-bag.

The offer exists while stocks last, but at the time of writing there are still several banana boxes full of them (experience shows you can get about eleven PC keyboards into a banana box).

The reason for the offer is to help to promote the electronic junk for sale, the fruit machine spares, and other interesting stuff on Zyra's Bazaar list. If you have a computer, it's a good idea to have a spare keyboard in case your main computer keyboard is destroyed by tea, coffee, the cat, mysterious forces, or by being broken in half by yourself because of some infuriating computerish problem that happened. Also see data recovery

Update 2007/09: There are some circumstances where you can also get a free mouse as well!

2012/08: This offer has now expired. It was good while it lasted, though. (The page is kept for historical purposes). The advice about it being a good idea to keep a spare keyboard is still valid.

Also, there is still quite a lot of interesting stuff for sale!

(not the enamel bath, though. It's been exported).