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Electronic Junk For Sale

Here is a truly remarkable collection of radio and electronic equipment and junk which is being sold off as the electronics enthusiast / mad scientist / radio ham / hoarder is having to emigrate!

I have built up this set of equipment to such a level that having a "shack" would not contain it, and it is approximately a house full of stuff. As well as radio equipment there is also a lot of electrical and electronic or industrial equipment, and there's even a bulk consignment of blank C15 cassettes from the 1980s Microcomputer era. Old computers bits and pieces, metal filing cabinets, obsolete computer peripherals, radio equipment, valves, oscilloscope tubes, electric motors, transformers, components, computer junk, wire, bits and pieces from old electric equipment, and spares salvaged from cars, etc are also included in this remarkable collection.

Now is the time for you to book an appointment and visit (a location in the East of England), and then you can come and poke around amongst the stuff and put some offers in. You should bring plenty of money, and a vehicle which you can get quite a lot of stuff into. It's also best if you have the freedom to collect stuff without criticism from loved ones who are less fond of clutter.

Even now at the start of 2010, time is of the essence, as stuff is being packed into shipping containers, and I would prefer to sell a great many of these choice items to those of us who appreciate the finer points of electronic junk, rather than having to pay the international shipping costs of transporting the stuff thousands of miles with me when I move house!

So, if you would like to own a piece of computer history, or a massive high voltage transformer, or several sets of the gubbins out of gambling machines, or some full-height VHS video recorders some of which are top-loading, or a military gizmo that is as yet unidentified, or some solid granite pillars which were part of a church, vintage fishing equipment, a large bed from the 1920s, a huge pile of circuit boards, or any of a great many other things I could list, now is the time. Visit, examine the paraphernalia, put offers in. Give stuff a good home. I'd rather sell it to you than go to the trouble of packing it all into shipping containers.

If you are genuinely interested please e-mail and we will see about arranging an appointment so you can visit. The best solution is to arrange a visit. At the time of writing, there is a special offer of a Free PC Keyboard if you visit! (subject to a few reasonable conditions).

Update: Additional attractions at this ongoing selling-off of interesting electronic junk now include various military radio test sets, expensive-looking video processing units, military nuts and bolts and other spare parts, Lightwave photonic cable fibre-optic isolation remote control units, aircraft leak testers by Negretti & Zambra, some nice hydrometers by Kodak, a Kathograph, and some other interesting old style electronic gear which we've not identified yet. You still get a free keyboard just for turning up, but now if you buy a cubic foot of stuff and take it away you also get a free mouse !

Some of the stuff is mentioned in passing at Zyra's Bazaar but some of it is unlisted, waiting for you to come and view it.