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Innovations UK - the gadget company

Example of a circular newsletter (Issue52) from www.zyra.org.uk

The Light at the End of the TunnelCamouflage - the perfect disguise

The picture 'GOLDEN' - from the Docklands Light Railway, London

In the Clique - Zyra Info site gains new multi-link page

Monarch Airlines

Photography Gallery

How many spoons of sugar can you dissolve into a cup of tea?

Virtual Offices

Phishing - bank fraud - warning about bank hoaxes

Rhyming Order Index

Zyra photo; Wizard6f

Picture of a ginger cat sitting on the garden pond - shows off the camera!

Zyra photo; Positively Peculiar

Info at Zyra.INFO

Quadratic Equations - how to solve them

Smart Beauty

Picture of a Rainbow

Area and Volume - the ways of scaling-up

Haven Holidays Customer Testimonial

Why the Earth is RoundSeagate portable hard disc drive

Which weighs more? A ton of feathers or a ton of lead?

Videotapes Can be Mended

How to Weigh a Cat

How to Clean a Mouse

Why do clocks go round clockwise?

How a measure the power of a microwave oven

What to do if your outboard motor propeller stops going round

How to Build a Good Shortwave Aerial

Infrequently Asked Questions

Lottery Number Choosing methods, as explained in the book: Novel and Amusing Ways of Selecting Lottery Numbers which could be taken on by a book publisher if interested. (see book shops). The book can also be seen online here: Novel and Amusing Ways of Selecting Lottery Numbers, or by pages (previously at LineOne) including...

Tumble Dryer

Dart Board

Record Player


Car Tyres

Bingo in Reverse



Toss of a Coin


Birthdays with a Difference


Alternative uses of a Pound Coin

Playing with Office Equipment at Night in Winter

How long is a Fisherman's Tale?


Vacuum Cleaner




Looking it up in a Book

Secondhand Appliances

Bag of Money


Process of Elimination


In the Drink

This is Not a Circular?

After a Party

Car Numbers

Tea Leaves

The Nose at Ten

also see Ways not to use for Lottery Numbers including...

Last Week's Football Results

Record Number of Prize Winners

Diabetic Blood Glucose Test

Specimen Numbers on the TV ad

Stealing someone else's Lottery Numbers

also see

Lottery Numbers Selection; Avoiding Disappointment

The main feature about LottoNew Worlds of Opportunity can be seen on the affiliate page about the National Lottery

Affiliate Marketing Explained by Zyra

What an AFFILIATE PROGRAM can do for your business

What's it like to be an AFFILIATE? How your website can make money

The AFFILIATE PROGRAM explained for the benefit of Customers

Harrods Store in Knightsbridge London

New Worlds of Opportunity

Imagine The Challenge

Innovex Golf Company

Panorama of Central Park Boston UK

Sights of London

Underwater - Sub Aqua

British Telecom Post Office Tower seen from the base

The World

Front Facing flight cam for airline passengers

Picture out of the window of a plane

O2 hoax message linkNice views from a plane

O2 hoax message

Rats leaving a sinking Ship

Bio Diesel and other Alternative Renewable Fuels

How to Write

Basic Rocket Science

BCC; What is BCC in e-mail sending?

What to do if your electronics gadget goes in the water - how to dry it out

Bottled Gas; the right way to do it - deposit bottles

Camera talks - in the same way money talks

Direct Line and their red telephone and mouse on wheels

Cat looking for the Door Into Summer - Well, is it snowing out of THAT door too?!

Easy Art

Furry - anthropomorphic stuff

If you had your own Gambling Machine you could adjust it to pay out less

Picture of Zyra: I've got my doubts about this tax haven

Light Pollution is a menace to astronomers

How to get your phone to work on those PRESS THE NUMBERS ON YOUR KEYPAD systems

Bathroom Tiles - never quite right somehowCAT - but is it real?

Optimum Size for Hard Disc Drive


Jonathan Swift - author of Gulliver's Travels

PDS - Parcel Delivery Service - mail scam with expensive phone number

Does lime Scale reduce the efficiency of electric water heaters? - maybe not.

Seagate portable hard disc drive

Amazon Scam Message - test

Amazon Scam Message - confirm your identity - not from Amazon!

BCC ALL - like REPLY ALL but with BCC

Computer Generated Confetti

I can smell a bargain - cat picture

Italian Charms - jewellery

Collecting Receipts as Historical Interesting Items

Camouflage - the perfect disguise?

Co-Op Bank - Devoted Customer 253 Pounds Reward - it's a SCAM! Don't fall for it!

Choosing your email Address - care in advance can save there begin problems later

Tax Evasion or Tax Avoidance - the distinction explained

Heckington Windmill

UK National Lottery Scam - no, you haven't won the Lottery!

Problems with Gas equipment in Electricity Power Cuts

Problems with the Phone not working in Electricity Power Cut - if you only have one phone, make sure it's not a cordless phone.I can SMELL a bargain I think

Unexpected Problems in Power Cuts

Radio Interference - what you can do about it

Picture of the Building with the Swan On Top; half-done

Picture of the Building with the Swan On Top

Travel Checklist - when you travel, check you have got everything

You can be Your Own Insurance Company!

Fine Tooth Comb

Long Life Lamp



Mice (small furry rodents)

Computer MICE


How to fix a tape/videotape that's sticking

Form Spam / Form-filling SpamWhat is Valency?

Why Such a High Voltage for Power Lines?

Valency - What is Valency?

Capped Affiliate Programs

Chickens - welfare matters in chicken and egg production

Protecting Yourself from Online Dating Scams

How to avoid legal demands and trouble with Getty Images

La Femme Fatale

The Difference Between Life Insurance and Health Insurance

How to Measure Density

Voucher Codes can be a problem


Vodafone E-Topup spam email message

follow up on Vodafone E-Topup spam email message

Alternative Fuel


Radio Bandwidth

Name of 123-something

Alternative Bird HidePanama Canal

Holiday Bargains Travel

Lifes 2 Good

How to get Skimmed Milk and Whole Milk from the same bottle

The type of customers Vivostar would ideally like

Best Priced Brands

Bienes Raices

Planet Ceres

The Difference Between Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom

Hair Genesis

Panama Canal

Planet Shoes



Argos budget office chair


Design Your Own Clothes

Lottery Universe

Message apparently from Microsoft turned out to be a HOAX!

Beware of messages apparently from Microsoft!

Affiliates United

Real Antiques are often less expensive than Reproduction Antiques

Autoglass Free car windscreen repair?

A Grumble about AVG!Military Hardware in Museum

Neglected Pictures because of Copyright


Exclusive Affiliate Programs - beware!


Military Hardware as exhibits at the Imperial War Museum

Invitation Book

Leather Repair

Mars - god of war

Not Cement

Phone Dial Numbers and Letters - (both new and old style)

Poker Game

eCommerce and Shopping Cart software

The Planet Vulcan; where Mr Spock comes from

Another problem with Copyright

Hangover - the morning after the night before; Can it be Avoided?

Into Mobile Phones

Poker StrategyVivostar Affordable Hosting

Solid State Hard Disc Drives

411 Web

50 Connect

All Aboard Casino

Baby Birds

Bike Inn

BT Text Messages to a land line phone - How to Control or Turn Off

A Curious CAMERA Shot

Deal4free page - discontinued

eBike Insurance


Flowers Online 24

Eye of the Bird

India old pageA BT Multiphone at Kings Cross Station

Infinite Links

Multiphones updated


Picture of Next

Omni Casino

Pelicans and Flamingos

Hospital Photographs

Hungarian Red Sludge

CUBANET INDEPENDIENTE: Ocho funcionarios desnudan, esposan y golpean a preso político

Picture of another Idyllic Holiday Beach Scene

Adventure of a Thermohygrograph: The Adventure Begins!

Tigers are fond of children

Traffic Magnet Letter

Traffic Magnet


Voices conference picture page

Vivostar Ad in MicroMart

Yahoo Games spam virus? Surely not?!

Choc-by-choc specific ingredients and allergy info

Experimental Theology

How a Thermos Flask Works



My Beauty Heaven

Shark Attacks

Tea mixed with Coffee - Yuck!

Toy Walla

Armstrong The Shirt

Big Money Scratch

Does Crime Pay?

Picture of a Domino's Pizza



Names with 365

About E'buyer


Betclic Poker

Dominican Republic

Gambling Ossuary

Highroller Gamblers

Leave Facebook!

Show Mercy to Mice

Make sure your Slingbox is New

Win Trillions


Zyra.INFO is the home of the "rhyming index" where items in the main site are listed and then reversed sdrawkcab, sorted, and then re-reversed, giving a result where the items are sorted by means of their LAST letters not their first!

As with Zyra.TV, this is generally alternative and interesting. If you'd like to receive the eccentric newsletters which are part of Zyra.org.uk, you are welcome to join! See the Circular Newsletter List to find out about updates to all this.

dot INFO is a good web domain to have, helping to break the standardised commonplace approach to all domains conforming to being of a sameness. To get your own .INFO domain, see 123-reg and have it hosted at Vivostar