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Selecting Lottery Numbers by...

The Chocolate

Buy a big bar of chocolate. A 400 gramme bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk or similar. Break it into squares. If you've chosen a big enough bar, and if the weather is warm enough so it cleaves neatly into squares rather than shatters irregularly, you should get more than 49 nicely formed squares. Keep the remainder for yourself for later and put the 49 squares on a plate. Now etch the numbers 1-49 on the squares underneath using a hygienically cleaned point of a pin, needle, compass, etc. Having painstakingly completed this task, the cleanliness of which is an essential point, place the plate of chocolate in a prominent position or pass it round. Ideal for parties!

The number of pieces of chocolate will now start to be depleted. Watch carefully to avoid disappointment. When there are only about nine pieces remaining, retrieve the plate. Don't wait for there to be only six. You have the task of reducing the number to six yourself! The numbers of the six pieces of chocolate remaining are your lottery numbers for this week!

Star quality: The novel use of chocolate as a method of determining your random numbers.

Drawbacks: If you fail to retrieve the plate before the last six pieces have gone, how disappointing. Having given away that much chocolate, and put all the work in for nothing! Another drawback is if any of your guests happen to notice the numbers on the chocolate they are about to eat, you may have some explaining to do.

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