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Selecting Lottery Numbers by...

Birthdays but with a Difference

Many people use the birthdays of those close to them to get their lottery numbers. However, they use the day of the month. As these are in the range of 1-31, this puts a bias on the numbers chosen. Here is a method which uses instead the days of the week, and does not have such a bias:

1. Take 12 people and find what day of the week their birthday is this year.

2. Take the first person's birthday day of the week and convert it into a number by taking Sunday=0, Monday=1, Tuesday=2, Wednesday=3, Thursday=4, Friday=5, and Saturday=6.

3. Now take the second person's birthday day of the week and convert it into a number by the same method.

4. Multiply the first number by 7, add the second number, and add 1. You now have your first lottery number.

5. Repeat the process a further five times using the remaining ten birthdays.

Star quality: The use of something personal about people close to you to generate your chance of winning.

Advantages: Having to look up those birthdays, you'll reduce the chance of forgetting anyone's birthday!


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Why this method is far better than using birthdays the conventional way: The day-of-the-month of people's birthday is in the range 1-31 , which means that the high numbers 32-49 are less used. This means that if other people are using the same trick, you might win and end up sharing the prize with a dozen or more other people.

In contrast, using the days of the week and multiplying the numbers up, numbers are produced in the range of 1-49