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Pastimes or Hobbies, activities usually of a quiet nature which provide fulfilment, using time which might otherwise be slack or spare. Instead of suffering from boredom, get a hobby!

The idea of HOBBIES is seen more in the old books than in modern fashion, not because there's anything wrong with it, but because of the changing pace of life. Most people are too impatient to indulge in a hobby!

Hobbies include a variety of things, not limited to:

Stamp collecting - and other types of collecting

CRAFT - making things, usually relatively small things. For example model making with papier mache

Scrapbooking - see Scrapbooking Alley



Train Spotting - Though a harmless activity, peculiarly singled-out for unfair comment from comedians.

Model Railways - see the model railway specialist Lionel Store

Photography - for which you need photographic equipment. Always regarded in the old days as an expensive hobby, but is no longer so.

See My Hobby Store for specialist model kits.

See Fabric.com for specialist fabrics.

Cross Stitch

M and J Trimming for trimmings.

The Hobby Warehouse for puzzles and more.

Craft Superstore for different crafts.

For modelling kits, Testors


For something to be a "hobby" it can't really be something strenuous or desperately thrilling. So, daring or adventurous activities such as mountain climbing aren't usually regarded as "hobbies". Also, if it's competitive, it's sport rather than a hobby. Plus, if the main objective is gain, then it's more likely to be considered a business or gambling!