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Ever since the start of the age of p-mail, postage stamps have had a practical utilitarian use as a pre-paid freight ticket of the right value to cover the cost of delivery, and since very shortly after that, have had a fascination for stamp collectors. Philately (stamp collecting) is an interest which combines historical and geopolitical knowledge with the idea of keeping a valuable collection of intriguing antiques in a small space.

Some good philatelic stamp collecting resources include:

Stamp collecting with street cred

Buy the wonderful Lighthouse albums here!

Stanley Gibbons
World famous stamp catalogue of philatelic information

The Post Office
Delivery couriers behind the stamp business in the first place

Theo's stationery supplies company also sells postage stamps. This makes good business sense as you might buy other things while you're buying stamps.

Also see arch-rivals of philately Pitney Bowes and their much talked-about franking machine! Also see a more philatelically-friendly alternative to franking machines!

To get your own picture on a postage stamp you need to be famous don't you? Normally that would be true, but now FujiFilm can get your picture on a stamp regardless of your fame or obscurity. What's more, the US Postal Service will actually accept such personal stamps on letters!

Also see The Mystery of STAMP DEMON