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Eye of the Bird
a seemingly-impossibly close-up macro photograph of the eye of a live wild bird

This is the essence of "Macro Mode", the idea of being able to take a close-up with a camera and enlarge the image to an amazing extent. This is part of the Bird's Nest sequence.

Eye of the Bird

OK, it's a close-up mugshot of a bird. You can see every whisker of every feather on it. This is a live wild bird. It's completely impractical to get this close. It was only made possible by the fact that the bird had made a nest just the other side of a window!

Now here's an even bigger close-up of the eye of the bird...

Eye of the Bird

Notice how you can see the reflection of the scenery in the eye of the bird. It's a corrugated plastic covered patio roof with, on it, a roof slate that had fallen off the house roof.

Also see the eye of a Cobra which includes a close-up.