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Leather Repair
Yes it's true; a leather jacket CAN be repaired if it's been ripped, torn, or snagged on something.

Leather jacket repairs – Ripped or torn

If you’ve ripped or torn your favourite leather jacket you’ll know how frustrating it can be, an old leather jacket still looks great but once it starts getting tears all the over the place it’s not quite the same.

Most tears in leather jackets are quite small, they’re usually in an ‘L’ shape as this is the way leather tears when it is caught by something small and pointed.

The leather specialists AWRust have lots of experience in repairing all kinds of damage to jackets but point out that this is by far the most common type of damage and is most often done on a door handle or when getting out of a car, so it’s worth considering this when getting out of the car and when wearing your jacket indoors.

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to repair a torn leather jacket most of the time. AWRust offer the following solutions, the best repair by far is a completely invisible repair, this involves completely removing the damaged panel and replacing with a new matching panel. The result is that you never knew the damage was ever there in the first place, from time to time this is not possible if the type, shade or gauge of the leather cannot be matched well enough.

The second option for repair is to have the torn area patched from behind and then the torn pieces are carefully glued back into their correct position. This means that there is no leather flapping around and only a small scar is visible after the cracks are dyed over. How good the result of this type of repair is depends on the severity of the tear in the first place and if it is a neat ‘clean’ tear or if it is jagged and therefore difficult to get back into position.

Please take heed of this advice from awrust.co.uk “don’t try to do this type of repair yourself, many people do and cause irreversible problems. Once glued it is usually impossible to separate the leather again. Many glues burn leather as they react with it also people often try different types of tape on their leather jackets, tape when removed usually takes the top layer of the leather off with it and also leaves a sticky residue that cannot be removed without damaging the leather.”

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