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Tough, comfy, and some people are very fond of it.

Leather is a tough, durable, flexible material. There's a good reason for that, which is that it is made from the tough outer skin of beasts. Evolution has seen to it that the stuff is tough and hardwearing and affords some resistance to the claws of other beasts as they fight it out for survival in the wild. Humans found the beasts were tasty, especially if cooked using the newly discovered FIRE. They then put the skin to good use, making leather, which even now in the modern world, is a strong, tough, flexible, and long-lasting material. It can be used to make comfy settees and chairs, posh handbags, boots, belts (which may or may not have studs in), and a variety of interesting outfits. Some people are especially fond of leather.

This page has been created to connect up all of the pages at this site that have some leather mentioned in them. You can see these are quite diverse...

Care of Leather / Cleaning of Leather

Removing Creases from Leather

Leather Repair


Marlborough World

A W Rust Leather Wear

Bananashoes kinky handbag - it is a kinky handbag in the style of high-heeled shoes, and it's made of leather

Encyclopaedia Britannica - on here because it is, or has been, bound in leather covers

Eximius - stocks a range of luxury leather bags/briefcases, and other things

Bananashoes - kinky boots, in leather, or rubber, etc

Lucrin US - luxury leather accessories

Darlings Of Chelsea - high quality, hand crafted leather and fabric sofas and sofa beds

Samuel Windsor - high quality leather shoes, made by the experts

Clifford James - leather shoes and moccasins

Harveys Furniture - some of the comfy furniture is leather

Proudfoot Leather - Proudfoot have been trading in the leather and lambskin industry since 1975, founded by Colin Proudfoot who is committed to the production of superior leather handbags

Get Geared - motorcycle leathers

Lakeland Leather - real leather. suede and sheepskin as well

Feather and Black - beds: made of wood, iron, leather, and other materials

Boot Barn - leather boots from California

Muu Baa - Initially leather focused

Forzieri USA - luxury leather handbags and other Italian fashion items

Mason Shoe - Mason Shoe is a 'Shoe Store At Your Fingertips' - USA

Wallace Sacks - leather garments, leather interiors, leather cushions, furniture and beanbags etc.

Bags Direct - the UK's leading online retailer of business & leisure luggage. Selling everything from conference folders to genuine leather portfolios and designer handbags.

Available Beds - "We believe our leather bed collection is outstanding"

Rugs USA - amazingly, even some of the rugs are leather

Jshoes Online - understated leather shoes

News Recreated - commemorative repro newspapers from a specific date of your choice, bound in leatherette hardback covers, these Newspaper Books are personalised with the name of the recipient gold embossed on the front cover

Bed Star - British beds including contemporary leather beds

Linea Pelle - stylish! - "Linea Pelle is internationally distinguished as the premiere designer belt company offering the very best in casual luxury"

Filofax UK - including leather accessories (wallets, passport covers, purses)

Belt Outlet - a variety of stock available in the USA

Moto Leather - worldwide shipping on motorcycle products and accessories from Moto Leather

Ultimate Furniture - British office furniture including leather chairs

MX Megastore - A wide selection of Leather Motorcycle Gloves and Leather Motorcycle Jackets

True Colour Style - high class leather made in Spain

Furniture Choice - "the leather quality of many of our competitors is shocking"

Weaver Leather - equestrian

Fossil - stylish Watch company - fashion watches including the FOSSIL and RELIC brands, as well as complementary lines of small leather goods, belts, handbags, etc

The Gentleman's Shop - gentlemen's shaving & grooming products, leather goods and personal accessories

Club Furniture - one of the USA's leading furniture suppliers - sofas, sleeper sofas, leather recliners, beds, dining sets, custom sectionals, leather club chairs, coffee tables and much more

Hotter Shoes - with soft leather uppers

My Fantastic Bags - high-quality Italian leather handbags shipped from the USA

Mattress Man - super king, leather beds, metal beds, etc

Furniture at work - including hundreds of leather chairs

Ideal Home Store - said to be "the UK's Number 1 supplier of leather beds, bunk beds, pine/wooden beds, sofa beds, bedroom furniture and dining room furniture".

Cellphone Accents - Did you know you can get leather cell phone cases ?

Raw 7 - cashmere, silks and imported leathers

Express Furniture - ...oak and pine... metal and leather.

Lingerie Express - some of the lingerie is leather

Furniture 123 - Indian furniture, leather sofas and glass furniture in the UK

Maxwell Scott - business items in leather

Bensons For Beds - a huge range of styles, including leather bedsteads, wooden bedsteads, metal bedsteads, etc

Luxury Designer Handbag - "We are a premium online store of authentic, high end luxury designer handbags, purses, wallets and other leather accessories of brands like Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Balenciaga, JP Tod's and more"

Joseph Turner - English-made leather shoes

Highland Fayre - hampers in faux-leather boxes?

PIGS - one of the many sources of leather (pigskin)

The Music category is connected to this page, probably because of the leather guitar-straps. Other categories linked: Furniture USA , Motorcycling , Lingerie , Furniture , FASHION , Fashion Accessories , Office Equipment Supplies , Transvestite Stuff , and Gothic

Also, no longer connected...

The following ossuary is a list of places whose pages no longer connect:

Armes Ironmongers

National Express Dot 2 Dot - They are on here because they have comfy leather seats!

Ready To Leave


Chesterfields 1780

Noble Macmillan - Luxury leather goods

Aspinal of London

Shipton and Heneage - quality leather shoes


XL Air

Explosion Furniture

E T Wright

Kiki James - leather goods

Smythson - luxury leather accessories


Domain Furniture

Parisma - bags

Corset Curves

Maze Direct

Links Of London


Boccia Titanium Watches


Mutley and Fifi


The preceding is a list of places whose whose pages no longer connect

As leather is made from animals, it is only right that the animals are hunted and caught fair or at least farmed in reasonable conditions. If there was "Free Range Leather", we'd be giving it a mention like Free Range Eggs! If you don't eat meat, you may also choose to avoid leather. However, for those of us of the carnivorous tribes, there is a philosophical point: When you've eaten an animal it's a shame to waste the skin. There's no need to keep it a secret. "Wear Your Hide With Pride".