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Take a look at Jafrum and you'll find a massive range of Motorcycle products. Everything from helmets to leathers.


"Jafrum.com - the Most trusted Name in Motorcycle Helmets, Leathers and Accessories!

Jafrum.com has have the largest selection of motorcycle DOT Helmets. We carry modular / flip up helmets, full face, half or beanie or shortie helmets in a variety of colors and styles. JafrumWe offer Leather Motorcycle Jackets at discount prices. We carry naked leather jackets, racing style scooter jackets, and vented classic leather motorcycle jackets.

Give your feet a break and makeover with Men's and Women's Motorcycle Milwaukee boots. Made of High quality leather Milwaukee Riding boots offer FREEDOM FLEX (TM) construction for more comfortable wear. Each boot features a removable, washable insole.

Jafrum.com offers Men's and Women's leather Chaps and Pants made of high quality leather. Unlined or lined chaps, plain or braided, Loose or tight leather pants-We have the right leather chap for you.Jafrum

We have both fashion and motorcycle leather gloves. Our motorcycle leather gloves includes summer gloves, riding and driving gloves, full finger gloves, gauntlet gloves and fingerless gloves. We also have Racing, Kevlar and Gel palm gloves.

Jafrum.com have different kinds of caps you need- baseball caps, civil war caps and hats, aviator hats, golf hats, skull caps and much more. We carry other accessories like motorcycle cup holders, face and ear masks, biker chain wallets, grip covers, wristbands and straps, motorcycle covers and goggles".

If you have been tempted by this, here was the link:

There Was Once A Link Just Here To Go To The Place!


http://www.jafrum.com affiliate program is with Commission Junction
Jafrum will ship worldwide, but the Free Shipping only applies to 48 of the States of the USA.

Bizarre as it may seem, Jafrum have terminated the affiliate link after we had gone to the trouble of creating this dedicated page to promote them. So, http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-779027-10559284 at CJ no longer works. This doesn't mean the company has gone broke, and it doesn't mean the website no longer works. It just means that we aren't able to link to them via an affiliate link. WHY a company like Jafrum would make a mistake like this is a matter of speculation. I think they've made a foolish assumption that if the person running the website isn't in the USA then they can't advertise the place! That is the Regionality assumption, and it's clearly false, and possibly a form of prejudice. So, this page has had to be bunged up

To counter that, here are the facts:

Zyra is a successful affiliate, initially living in the UK but then emigrating to Panama as a tax exile because of success in the affiliate business!

Even the front page of Zyra.org.uk has 25% of its visitors in the United States. And what about Zyra.net ? Presumably an even higher demographic stateside!

The New York Times did very well on Zyra's website during the time the affiliate program was with CJ.

Most notably: Other Motorcycling places are available! (International category). Also, this page is now connected up with the new category of Leather, not that it will do Jafrum much good if they continue to have no links!

If Jafrum should come round again to being sensible, please let us know, and then this page can be connected back up again.