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Top end high quality models - Amalgam. The number one site for detailed, authentic, collectable automotive models.


"About the Amalgam Fine Collection

Amalgam have been making the very highest quality models and prototypes since 1985, originally for many of the world's leading architects and designers, and additionally since 1995 for Formula 1 teams and the leading automotive companies.

In the course of our work with top designers and motorsport teams we have not only developed a taste for fine design and a love of engineering excellence, we have also worked alongside fellow licensees to Ferrari, Bentley and Daimler-Benz, who are of necessity of the very highest calibre. Whether it be creating models, watches, or fine leather goods, the people and companies we have got to know well over the years are all at the leading edge of quality in their field.

With the Amalgam Fine Collection we bring you their creations, the very best of everything associated with the finest marques in motoring and motor racing.

Of course we have also been privileged to work with some of the great names in modern motorsport and our models will be found in the boardrooms, homes and offices of many leading figures in F1 today. Our passion for the sport of motor racing stretches across the generations, we are equally excited by the pre-war Silver Arrows and this year's Formula 1 cars.

Ultimately, above and beyond the cars and the designers, we are inspired by the bravery and style of the heroes of every age, the drivers. Our aim has been to distill the heady spirits of design quality, fine engineering and supreme driving skill and courage, into a collection of pieces that epitomises passion and excitement".

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