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Armes the Ironmongers shop in Boston Lincs UK

W. ARMES & CO. (Boston) Ltd

Ironmongers & Locksmiths Established 1887

31 High St and 2-6 West Street, Boston, Lincs, UK. Telephone +44 (0) 1205 362166

A small part of the interior of the shopThis surely is a hardware shop in the traditional style. Described by some as "An Aladdin's Cave", the shop has in stock a great variety of stuff including:

Hammers, stainless steel saucepans, spades, companion sets, nuts, bolts, chains, forks, brushes, cooking equipment, shelf brackets, Zibro luxury paraffin heaters, fireside coal buckets and brass "helmets", hoes, door bolts, dog tags (engraved), Leatherman knives, gadgets, thermometers, screwdrivers, gargoyles, Victorinox pocket knives, glue, galvanised buckets, house name signs, Borg locks, Mailsafe letter boxes, rakes, dustbins, fireguards, stone lions, burglar alarms, hot water bottles, coal scuttles, baskets, clocks, radiators, burglar alarms, lanterns, padlocks, castors, Eye Witness knives, crocodile clips, door knockers, string, "The Sure Defence" safes at sensible prices, tennis racket restringing service, letters & numbers, Plastic Padding, hooks, FunKeys (as in "why have ordinary keys when you can have"), lamps, paraffin, wheels, plumbing equipment, threaded bar, tools, rope, rat poison, watering cans, electric cable, utensils, ant powder, flower pots, fountains, incinerators, trowels, copper pipes, screws, nails, broomsticks, Yale locks, frying pans, doorbells, mousetraps, keys, sodium hydroxide, blowlamps, coir mats, candles, kettles, ironing boards, pedalbins, tomato food, Polyfilla, Interquartz floodlights, staple guns, rubber gloves, rat traps, fire extinguishers, vandal-resistant wall lights, bird feeders, torches, wallpaper adhesive, park benches, scissor/saw/shears resharpening service, Security locks & padlocks set to pass (non-key), doormats, toasters, paintbrushes, mole chasers, shelves, thermostats, barells, timers, garden ornaments, carbon monoxide detectors, sifters, moisture traps, greenhouse heaters, toolboxes, weighing scales, wheelbarrows ... well you get the general idea.

Specially of note are:

Think of a hardware item, however obscure, and chances are W Armes & Co (Boston) Ltd will have it in stock.

Telephone +44 (0) 1205 362166 and mention you saw the contact on this page linked with Zyra's website.

Historical note: Although the company is no longer there, this page remains as in interesting piece of history. Also, as this page is at Zyra's website, you may be interested in having a look at other DIY/hardware resources here, and in particular Security.